Inviting you to The Royal Windsor III Sale
March 7, 2015, 11:00 a.m.
Complete Milking Herd and Bred Heifer Dispersal and Select Heifers sell at the Farm

Windsor Manor has been a recipient of the Progressive Genetic Herd Award
for 24 years!

Zip's Family
Over 70 descendents of the Z family will sell.
Windsor-Manor Rud Zip
Windsor-Manor Rud Zip

Excellent – 95 4E GMD DOM
4-07 365D 39,230M 3.8% 1490F 3.1% 1224P
Over 200,000M lifetime!

Zip has 15 EX offspring by 12 different sires: 3 @ EX-93; 2 at EX-92; 2 @ EX-91

Zip's descendants includes the highest GTPI female - she is a Uno out of a Robust out of the first Planet to score 92 points out of an Elegant out of Windsor Manor Durham Delight - the EX 93 GMD daughter of Zip that sold in the Royal Windsor Sale in 2005.

Zip’s Pedigree:
Sire: Startmore Rudolph-ET
Dam: Windsor-Manor Jolt Zippy EX – 90 3E
7-07 361D 34,090M 3.7% 1255 2.9% 987P
Lifetime: 2559D 194,061M 3.8% 7368F 3.1% 5929P
2nd Dam: Windsor-Manor Che Zipper-ET GP-83 VG-MS
5-03 365D 36,410M 3.1% 1127F 2.8% 1029P
Life: 2392D 180,354M 3.8% 6888F 3.1% 5517P
3rd Dam: Windsor-Manor Star Zara EX-91 2E GMD DOM
6-01 365D 41,590M 3.5% 1453F 3.2% 1315P
Life: 2421D 204,030M 7450F 6657P
4th thru 9th Dams: All VG & EX, with three having GMD recognition.

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Zip's Incredible Shottle Daughter- Sells as #1 with 20 daughters also selling

Windsor-Manor Z Shadow-ET
EX-93 92-MS
5-07 305D 30,673M 4.0% 1237F 3.0% 912P
Shadow sells BRED-due 9/14 to Brazzle

Sire: Shottle
Dam: Windsor Manor Rud Zip EX-95 4E GMD DOM

Z Shadow has 4 sons in A.I.

Shadow has miking daughters by Hero, Lithium, Goldwyn, Colt P, Lauthority
Calves and bred heifers sell out of Shadow by Heavenly Golden Dreams, B-Crest Shadow, Hero, Olegant, Tango, Dempsey

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Senior 2 Year Old Prospect

Windsor Manor Z'Easy-ET
VG-85 at 2-1 Due 8/15 to DOORMAN
1-10 123D 9413M 38 358F 3.1 292P RIP

Epix X VG-87 Panda X EX-93 Z'Shadow

Panda topped the Windsor Manor II at $55,000
Also selling Z'Easy's full sister and her 9/14 Defender Daughter

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Zip's Fancy Roy Daughter

Windsor-Manor ZeRoyal-ET
EX-92 2E

6-10 365D 30460M 4.4 1337F 3.2 972P

Over 114,000M Lifetime

Sire - Roylane Jordan-ET

Dam - Windsor Manor Rud Zip EX-95 4E GMD DOM

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Selling - ZeRoyals VG-87 Goldwyn Jr. 3 yr old for 2015

Windsor-Manor Z Gumball-ET
VG-87 at 2-8 Due 7/15 to Super Large

2-3 206D 14682M 4.1 602F 3.1 455P RIP

Goldwyn X ZeRoyal X Zip

Also selling Gumball's Mayfield daughter born 6/14


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Res. Jr. All MD Spring Calf 2014

Windsor-Manor Z Molasses
Mayfield X VG-86 Goldwyn full sister to Z Gumball

Selling Z Molasses and her Dam

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Goldwyn Spring Yearling

Windsor-Manor Z Gracey-ET
Born 3/15/14

Goldwyn X EX Damion X Zip

2 full sisters also sell born 3/14 and 12/14

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EX 91 Sanchez X Zip sells

Windsor-Manor San ZsaZsa-ET EX-91
2-11 295D 24950M 3.8 960F 3.1 762P

Bred 11.19.14 to Doorman

Also selling Zsa Zsa'a 9/13 daughter by B-Crest Shadow due 8/15 to Defender and her 9/14 daughter by Reginald

Donna & Jason Myers
Kelly, Gabe, Bryce, Kelsey and Lexi Zepp.
2500 Old New Windsor Pike
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