Our most recent classification was 111.8 with 49 Excellent, 54 Very Good and 7 Good Plus. This brings the lifetime year to date Homebred Excellents to 313 cows. In 2013 we had the highest BAA in the U.S. for herds 100-150 head, this is a repeat performance.

Two upcoming consignment offers!!

WHA Futures Sale:

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Quest for Success II Sale:

Willows-Edge Lee Velcro
EX-94 3E

S: Comestar Lee

5-8 2x 365 41,849 4.2 1792 3.0 1268

1st Jr 3 year old, Best Udder, Best Bred and Owned WDE 2007
All American 2007

Dam: Willows Edge Milan Vermouth EX-90
GDam: Willows Edge CC Venetia EX-92
3rd Dam: Willows Edge Midnight Venice EX-93 2E
All WI Aged Cow 1997, Best Bred and Owned WI Championship Show 1997
4th Dam: HoBus Pete Vanessa EX-92 3E

Selling is a beautiful Jr. 2 yr. old prospect from EX-91 Sanchez x Willows Edge Lee Velcro
The consignment is Willows Edge Durham Vroom BD 4-4-13 due to Aftershock on May 27th. She is all style and timed right for the show season.

Dam is Willows Edge San Vague-ET EX-91 EX-MS as a 3 year old. She was 2nd Sr 3 year old District 1 Show 2014.

Nominated All-American R&W Produce of Dam
Willows-Edge Ad Melt-Red

4-1 365 2x 29,126 4.1 1224 2.9 857

1st 5 Yr. old and Honorable Mention Sr. Champion, Midwest Fall National
Nominated Produce in 2013 and nominated All-American Jr. 3 Yr. old in 2012

Dam: Willows-Edge Distrigen Mime EX-90
2nd Dam: Willow-Edge Broker Minah VG-88

Nominated All-American R&W Produce of Dam
Willows-Edge Advent Mimic-Red
Willows-Edge Advent Mimic-Red
EX 92 EX 93 MS

5-00 2x 365d 34,170 3.9 1335 2.9 977

2nd Aged cow, MN State Fair (R & W Show)
Nominated Produce in 2013

Dam: Willows-Edge Distrigen Mime EX-90
2nd Dam: Willow-Edge Broker Minah VG-88

Willows Edge Moscato Red

1st Jr. 3 Yr. old, MN State Fair (R & W Show)
6th Jr. 3-Yr.-Old, International Red and White Show, 2014

Dam: Willows-Edge Ad Mick EX 94 EX 94 MS
Mick was Reserve Grand at MN State Fair 2012.
2nd Dam: EX-92 Rubens. Reserve All Wisconsin
Reserve All WI Jr. 2 Year Old
3rd Dam: EX 90-3E Astro Jet with over 208,000 LT

Willows-Edge Bolton Flicker
EX 94 EX-94 MS

5-1 318 2x 39,638 4.9 1962 2.9 1145

Backed by 7 GMDs, first 3 dams EX-92

See Flicker featured in our 9/14 HolsteinWorld ad!

Flicker has sons at Accelerated, International Protein Sires, and Global Genetic Resources.

Genomics, show cow potential and a great pedigree!

Dam: Willows-Edge Out Freckle-ET EX-92 2E
5-02 2x 365d 40,420 3.4 1389 2.8 1118

Freckle is a maternal sister to Willows-Edge Gib Fancy 2E-94 – 1st 125,000 Lb. Cow and
HM Grand Champion at the 2010 Midwest Fall National Show! 

2nd Dam: Elgindale-CL Frosty 3E-92 GMD-DOM
3rd Dam: Elgindale-CL B Honey-ET EX-92 GMD-DOM
4th Dam: Elgindale Heidi VG-87 GMD-DOM
5th Dam: Elgindale Chairman Happy-ET VG-87 GMD-DOM
6th Dam: Rorae Future-Perfect Hoppie EX-90 GMD-DOM
7th Dam: Schruppdale Astro Hoppie EX-90 GMD-DOM
8th Dam: Dingley-Dell Roburke Amy VG-87 GMD

Photo of: Willows-Edge Rubens Karachi
Willows-Edge Rubens Karachi
EX 92-EX92 MS

4-8 343 2x 34,156 4.0 1385 3.2 1102

Junior All Wisconsin Aged Cow 2014
Junior All-Wisconsin 5-Year-Old 2013
Grand Champion, WI District 1 Junior Show 2013

Dam: Willows-Edge Champ Karma VG-87
     4-03 2x 365d 40,340 3.4 1355 2.9 1194
2nd Dam: Willows-Edge Terrason Kit EX-93
     4-10 2x 365d 44,160 4.0 1762 2.9 1325

Photo of: MS Jacobs Sanchez Janna
MS Jacobs Sanchez Janna-ET
Excellent-91 EX-MS

2-2 365 2x 28,365 3.9 1109 2.9 851

Grand Champion, Midwest Fall National Junior Show 2013
Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion, WI District 1 Junior Holstein Show 2012
Her maternal sister was Nominated All-American Milking Fall Yearling in 2009

Dam: Valleyville Lheros Jenn-ET EX-94-CAN
3-09 2x 365 33,531 4.5 1505 3.3 1111
All-American & All-Canadian Senior 3-Year-Old 2008
2nd Dam: Valleyville Integrity Brenna EX-90-2E-CAN

Willows-Edge Advent Libby
2-00 2x 365d 28,124 4.5 1255 3.1 861

1st Senior 3-Year-Old, WI District 1 Holstein Show 2013
1st Milking Yearling & Best Udder, Mideast National Fall Show 2011

Dam: Willows-Edge Lee Logan EX-93
3-01 2x 365d 31,352 4.9 1546 3.0 954
2nd Dam: Willows-Edge RI London EX-91
3rd Dam: Willows-Edge BC Lalita EX-90
4th Dam: Willows-Edge Leadoff Lacey EX-90
5th Dam: Willows-Edge Stardust Lynn EX-94

Willows-Edge Laurin Minion

1st Sr 3 Yr old, BU and 1st Jr B&O 2014
Res Intermediate Champion of the Open Show 2014
Best B&O of the Junior Show;Grand Champion of the Jr Show, District 1 2014
Best Bred and Owned of the Junior Show,WI Championship Show 2014
2ndSr 3 Yr old of the Midwest Fall National Jr Show 2014

Willows- Edge Dur Marbles
VG-87 VG-88 MS@2-7

Dam: Outside Miksey EX-91 3E LT 191 865
2nd Dam: Willows Edge Star Maiden EX-93
Res Jr All American 5 year old & Grand Champion Midwest Spring Junior Show
3rd Dam: EX Charles with over 200,000 LT
Marbles and Minion's dams are maternal sisters

Willows-Edge Dun Impulse

Dam: Willows-Edge Gold Impass VG-87
GrandDam: Willows-Edge Linjet Icon EX-94

2nd Fall Yearling, District 1
3rd Fall Yearling, WI Championship Show
5th Fall Yearling, Midwest Fall National

MDF Goldwyn Breezer 40
ET EX 91 EX 92-MS@ 3-09

2-03 365 2x 25,189 4.6% 1148 3.36% 836

See Breezer featured in our 10/14 HolsteinWorld ad!

3rd place Sr 3 Yr old- Midwest Fall National
5th place Sr 3 Yr old- WI Championship Show

Dam: RF Outside Breeze EX-95 GDam: Milan 2E 93
3rd Dam Tony Beauty 5E 96 3*
Her maternal sister is Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 4*
Canadian Cow of the Year 2013
All American & All Canadian 5-Year Old 2010


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