Welcome to Walk-Era, where DREAMS OF EXCELLENCE are coming true!

We are a family owned and operated 100 cow dairy, marketing high quality milk, genetics and crops.

Through the years we have bred 108 EX cows and developed an additional 12 EX cows in our  herd in addition to breeding 6 All-American Nominees!

Our herd is a nine time Progressive Breeders Registry Award qualifier.



*Junior All-American Jr. 2-Yr.-Old, 2014
*Nominated All-American Jr. 2-Yr.-Old
*HM All-Canadian Jr. 2-Yr.-Old
*1st Jr. 2-Year-Old Intl. Jr. Holstein Show
*3rd Jr. 2-Year-Old Intl. Holstein Show & RAWF
*4th Jr. 2-Year-Old WI Championship Show

Sire: Dundee
Dam: Walk-Era Talent Augusta EX-91 2E
2nd Dam:  Liessls Outside Allie EX-91
4-02 365  31,648  4.7  1475  3.1  985

We are very excited for Annelise to have the opportunity to develop with St. Jacobs and Budjon!!!

The JENA Family
Walk-Era Linjet Justine-ET
4-5 365 30,639 3.8 1206 3.2 990    

Goldwyn Joniqua EX-90 – owned by Me-Do
Goldwyn Jacque EX-90 – owned by Gil-Tex
Advent Judine VG-88
Goldwyn Jonika VG-87 – owned by Alejandro Galvis
Goldwyn Justadream EX-91 (pictured below)
Atwood Justyne VG-86
Atwood Justasgood VG-87
Atwood Justncase EX-90

Additional daughters by Damion, Lauthority & Destry.

Sire: Linjet
Dam: Walk-Era Counselor Jena – ET EX-93-3E
2nd Dam: Carldot Raider June EX-91


Walk-Era Linjet Justine-ET

3-00 365 28,685 4.23 1224 3.13 912 

From Linjet Justine, this phenomenally uddered Goldwyn catches eyes!
She has Damion and Aftershock calves. 


he MARSHA Family
Walk-Era Durham Matsui EX-93 2E
Walk-Era Durham Matsui EX-93 3E
4-10 365 37,293 3.8 1,425 3.0 1,123

Dam: Walk-Era Outside Marcel-ET VG-85

2nd Dam: Cherown Marsha EX-92-3E

3rd Dam: Cherown Shoremarsha EX-CAN

4th Dam: Nekimi-Acres Mark Ruperta EX-92 DOM

Matsui has a milking Goldroy daughter.
Walk-Era Durham Monarch-ET

2nd 4 Year Old & Reserve Grand Champion, District 5 2011 
3-02 357 34,026 4.3 1448 3.4 1143

Durham x AA Nom. Champion Matrix EX-90 2E x EX-92 3E Strategy x EX Raider x EX-92 Mark
Daughters by Baxter, Fever & Windbrook are calving in and  following in her footsteps!

Her daughter Walk-Era Fever Montene is now EX-90 at 3 years!

Monarch stems from the Cherown Strategy Marsha cow family, of which there are over 20 VG and EX scored family members!

The KANDY Family
Welk-Shade Durham KALAMITY EX-90
3-11 365 32,169 3.9 1265 3.4 1098

Dam: Miss Triumphant Kandy-ET EX-91

Grandam: Welk-Shade Charles Kitty EX-93 DOM

3rd Dam: Welk-Shade Sterling Kizzy EX-94 3E

We also have Atwood Kylee EX-90, Aftershock Katie VG-88 and Atwood Koko EX-93
by Kandy, in addition to a Damion winter calf x Goldwyn x Kandy.

Kylee has a Damion winter yearling and twin December Sanchez calves, Katie a Brokaw heifer and Koko a Sanchez on the ground.


The ROSE Family

The Rose family has given us over 30 VG and EX family members!

Walk-Era Goldwyn Rayven EX-90
3-02 365 34,189 3.6 1,276 2.8 975

Goldwyn x EX-92 Integrity x EX-91 Raider  Next 4 Dams EX
Daughters by Aftershock, Dundee, Sanchez and Bradnick.


KHW Distorted Humor-ET VG-86
4-04 292 24,257 4.4 1,063 3.1 750

2nd Senior 2 Year Old, District 5 2011
Jasper x KHW Sept Storm Hattie-ET EX-91 x Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET EX-95 2E
Humor has a VG-87 Damion, GP-84 Windbrook  and Aftershock and Atwood heifers as well as granddaughters by Atwood, Goldchip and Goldstar.


barn cat


  • 108 Excellent cows bred to date
  • Our current BAA is 110.1% with 27 EX, 60 VG & 8 GP
  • RHA  23,684 4.04% 957 3.21% 760
  • 9 time Progressive Breeders Registry Award qualifier
  • 5 time Premier Breeder or Premier Exhibitor at WI District 5 Holstein Show
  • 6 All-Wisconsin and Reserve All-Wisconsin winners
  • Walk-Era All-American Nominations bred to date
    1. 2005 Winter Yearling, Walk-Era Champion Matrix
    2. 2005 Junior Three-Year-Old, Walk-Era Roy Renita
    3. 2009 Spring Yearling, Walk-Era Dundee Oreo
    4. 2009 Summer Yearling, Walk-Era Pronto Monty (Junior Nomination)
    5. 2014 All-American Junior Two-Year-Old, Walk-Era Dundee Annelise (Junior Nomination)
    6. 2014 Junior Two-Year-Old, Walk-Era Dundee Annelise
  • 2014 HM All-Canadian Junior Two-Year-Old, Walk-Era Dundee Annelise

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