A Historic Classification for Golden Rose Genetics

Golden-Rose Genetics classified Friday in its new facility previously know as Dunn-Wood Holsteins, Alvin Stoltzfus, owner. It was a historical day indeed as it marked the beginning of this newly renovated facility to house the elite herd of Holstein cattle under the Golden-Rose prefix owned by the Rusty Herr & Family in Oxford, PA.

Special highlights of the day included:

  • Shema Goldwyn Catherine went VG-88 EX-MS (Goldwyn x VG-88 Ralma Christmas Fudge) owned by Jonathan Pinkerton
  • Golden-Rose Atwood Ritzi went VG-87 89-MS @ 2-04 (potential 17th gen EX!  Atwood x EX-92 Pronto Ritzi)
  • Golden-Rose Shott Royal-ET raised to VG-87 (due in Dec, could potentially be the first 17th gen EX!  Shottle x EX-92 Pronto Ritzi)
  • MS Pencroft Sanchez Tea-ET  went VG-86 (Red Carrier Sanchez x EX-93 Talent x EX-93 Radius x EX-92 Rubens x EX-94 Storm x EX-96 Tobi)
  • Stolhaven Advent Abigail-ET went VG-86 (Advent x EX-93 Ballybeeny Drham Ameliia-ET x EX-94 Clover-Mist Amanada x  4E-96 August) owned by Lynn Bell
  • Lime-Valley Francis went VG-85 (Atwood x Brandt-View Shottle Fern) owned with Ken Umble, Ruben Bender & Jeff Smoker
  • Miss Shottle Sidney went VG-85 (Shottle x Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret) owned by Jonathan Pinkerton
Older Cows:
  • Courtlane-UR Chassity maxed out  EX-92 92-MS (Pontiac x EX-92 Chassity and the dam of Cameron)
  • Glen-Valley Bolt Cicely raised to EX-91 (Bolton x EX Shottle back to EX-93 Win Caprice)
  • Golden-Rose Felicity-Red-ET raised to EX-90 EX-MS  (Talent x VG-88 Regiment x 4 more EX dams)
  • Golden-Rose Talent Rizz raised to EX-90 EX-MS (Talent x EX-92 Dundee)
  • Golden-Rose Terr Caramel-ET raised to VG-89 (Terrason x EX-92 Rubens x 4 more EX dams)
Other Notable 2-year-olds:
  • Golden-Rose Goldwyn Emerald went VG-86 (Goldwyn x VG-87 Durham x VG-88 Lee x EX-91 Storm x EX-95 Ridgedale Estelle x EX-95 Fond Example)
  • Golden Rose Real Kristy-Red went VG-86 EX-MS (Reality x VG-86 Talenti)
  • Danielle-L Sho Excitable-ET went VG-85 (Shottle x EX-92 Durham x EX-Lee x EX-96 Linjet Eileen x EX-96 Broker Elegance)
  • Danielle-Gold Sto Sheena-ET went VG-85 (Stormatic x VG-87 Roy Sheen x EX-94 Lindy Sheen) owned with Lynn Bell
  • Danielle-Gold Sto Smoky-ET went VG-85 (Stormatic x VG-87 Roy Sheen x EX-94 Lindy Sheen) owned with Lynn Bell
  • Golden-Rose Dun Rosette-ET went VG-85 (Dundee x EX-93 Storm x 3 more EX dams)

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