Once in a Lifetime...Triplets!

Palmcrest Holsteins, the Palmer Family of Waukon, IA, is on a roll to start 2010. Triplet heifers were born on 1/23/10 - 1...2...3...and they were the 10th calving for the farm this year! The heifers are sired by Boliver and were born 3 days early - all weighed in at 75 - 80 lbs. Mom and her girls are all doing well! Check out their picture in the Photo of the Day section of the homepage.

What are the odds of having triplets? 1 in 105,000. What are the odds that the triplets are all heifers? 1 in 2 million. What is the percent of triplet births where all 3 are born alive? 25%. What does that mean? There was a 1 in 8 million chance that this could happen - how exciting! Congrats to the Palmers - have you booked your ticket to Vegas yet?