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Holstein World serves as a thorough historical and current resource reference for the bloodlines, families, and relevant trends of the breed and industry. This is accomplished by integrating over a century of industry experience with a contemporary vision of communication in both electronic and print media.

Holstein World's Livestock Team is comprised of educated and experienced dairy cattle enthusiasts, award-winning designers and web developers. The blending of these groups
results in a motivated team providing top quality, cost effective, multi-media marketing solutions to bring your advertising program to life. It is our desire to assist and advise breeders with quality customer service as we have a vested interest in their success and the dairy industry as a whole.

How Holstein World/AllBreed Access Gives You The

  • The provider and host of the industry's popular All- American Holstein and Jersey Contests, as well as the Junior All-American Holstein Contest.
  • The source for the industry's most complete online show coverage, including podcasts, Moo-Tube videos and class-by- class results for nine major U.S. shows.
  • The most global reach of any dairy publication with subscribers in over 55 countries. Combined with online exposure of over 6,000 unique visitors daily, the print and online marketing system is the absolute best bang for your buck!
  • Sire analysis and breeding strategies offered after every USDA sire run, with additional highlights online.
  • The only complete print and internet source of valuable 12-month directory listings, including the International Export Directory and the Collegiate Directory.
  • The most involved dairy media in your industry - in-state show sponsorships, funding for Young Dairy Leaders Institute, National Holstein Convention and more!
  • Over 100 years strong ... and still serving generations of successful dairy farmers whose passion is to better the Holstein breed!
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