Jenny-Lou Planet Tasia-ET (VG-86 VG-MS)
12/14 GTPI +2086 PTA +1788M +76F +50P
1-11 3x 365d 36,440 4.2 1519 3.2 1151

Tasia has daughters by O-Daddy, Maurice and Mogul. She has sent a Shan son to Accelerated Genetics.

Sire: Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET
Dam: Jenny-Lou Shottle 1890-ET EX-91 2E GMD

Jenny-Lou Jetstream 2294-ET (VG-88 EEVVV)
12/14 GTPI +1896 PTA +511M +37F +16P
5-00 3x 305d 42,020 4.1 1723 3.0 1277
3-00 3x 365d 39,090 4.0 1582 3.3 1279
Life to date: 123,420 4.0 4916 3.2 3932

She has daughters by Dorcy, Epic, Gold Chip, Ladd-P and Bradnick.

Sire: Applouis Jet Stream-ET
Dam: Jenny-Lou Shottle 1890-ET EX-91 2E GMD

Jenny-Lou Observer Tally-ET
Jenny-Lou Observer Tally-ET (VG-85 VG-MS)
12/14 GTPI +1873 PTA +1353M +10F +26P

We’re excited about this recently fresh Observer sister to Planet Tasia and Jetstream 2294!

Sire: De-Su Observer-ET
Dam: Jenny-Lou Shottle 1890-ET EX-91 2E GMD

Jenny-Lou Shottle 1890-ET (EX-91-2E GMD)
12/14 GTPI +1792 PTA +914M +31F +19P
6-09 3x 365d 48,730 4.0 1957 3.2 1544
Life: 1673d 185,990 3.8 7092 3.2 5888

Shottle 1890 is a full sister to Trump at Accelerated Genetics! In addition to Tasia and 2294 pictured above, she has a VG-86 Lightning, a VG-85 Laudan, two VG-85 Observer daughters (pictured) as well as calves by Hero, Dempsey, Petrone and Mogul.

Her son – Jenny-Lou Goldwyn TJ – is at Sierra Desert Breeders – 206HO246

Sisters to Shottle 1890:
- VG-87 Shottle
- VG-87 Brant
- VG-87 Mascol
- VG-86 Zenith
- VG-86 Durham
- VG-85 Brant
- VG-85 Durham
- Stormatic
- Baxter

Sire: Picston Shottle-ET
Dam: Jenny-Lou Marshall O618-ET VG-88 GMD

Jenny-Lou Patron Toyane (VG-89 GMD DOM)

12/14 GTPI +1240 PTA -566M -5F -8P
4-05 3x 365d 45,826 3.8 1749 3.3 1506
Life: 1704d 160,053 4.0 6329 3.4 5376

Dam of the world’s only 2 million unit semen producer – Toystory!

Toyane has two EX Durham daughters, two VG Damion daughters as well as VG daughters by Baxter and Shottle on the farm now. Between the maternal and paternal sides, over 25% of our milking herd traces to Toyane!

Sire: Brabant Star Patron-ET
Dam: Jenny-Lou Luke Takia VG-86

Jenny-Lou Gabor
Jenny-Lou Gabor 2742 (EX-90)
12/14 GTPI +2013 PTA +1153M +24F +20P
3-00 3x 305d 41,630 3.7 1524 3.1 1271

Quickly becoming a herd favorite, 2742 is unique in being from a VG-86 Toystory with 162,000M lifetime followed by a VG-86 Amateur with 205,000M lifetime. She has no Shottle, Goldwyn, Planet, Oman, Ramos or Durham in her pedigree, making her a rare commodity.

She is on a flush program and has embryos by Mogul, McCutchen and Maurice as well as a fresh two-year-old by Crown.

Sire: De-Su Observer-ET
Dam: Jenny-Lou Shottle 1890-ET EX-91 2E GMD

Ms Jennylou Shtl Lidebbi-ET (EX-90 EEEVE)
12/14 GTPI +1812 PTA +254M -8F +3P
1-11 3x 298d 33,550 3.7 1244 3.1 1029

Lil Debbie recently scored Excellent and was 3rd Senior 3-Year-Old at the District 6 Holstein Show. She hails from All-American heritage being from KY-Blue GW Debbie EX-90, the All-American Summer Yearling in 2009. Her next dam is an EX-92 Outside, then EX-94 2E Chief Adeen.

Sire: Picston Shottle-ET
Dam: KY-Blue GW Debbie EX-90
2nd Dam: Look Durhm Juba 3433-ET
12/14 GTPI +1535 PTA +10M -32F -9P

Jenny-Lou Braxton 3471

Braxton 3471 was the 2013 Reserve Junior All-Wisconsin Winter Calf at the WI Championship Show and won her class at the WI Junior State Fair. She was shown by Kayla Breunig.

Sire: Regancrest S Braxton-ET
Dam: Jenny-Lou Atwood 3031 VG-85 VG-MS
Jenny-Lou Toystory 2071-ET (EX-90 2E)
12/14 GTPI +1893 PTA +378M +7F +24P
2-00 3x 365d 37,770 3.8 1448 3.3 1163

Toystory 2071 has daughters by Man-O-Man, Iota, McCutchen and Supersire. She is the granddam of Jenny-Lou McCutchen Crank it – GTPI +2565 and now at Accelerated Genetics, who is out of her VG-86 Iota daughter purchased by Jacob Brey of Cycle Farms

She is due to Distinction.

Sire: Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory-ET
Dam: Jenny-Lou Adam 943-ET VG-88 GMD

KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET (EX-96 3E DOM)
12/14 GTPI +1950 PTA -1426M +38F -4P
4-01 2x 365d 35,750 4.7 1682 3.7 1314
Life: 1972d 158,680 4.8 7683 3.8 6034

Reserve Grand Champion, International R&W Show 2013
All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011
Grand Champion, Grand International R&W Show 2011
Unanimous All-American Junior 2-Year-Old 2006

Ms Apples Annesa-ET *RC
(VG-87 EX-MS)

12/14 GTPI +2114 PTA -837M +12F -3P
1-11 3x 250d 22,680 4.4 1007 3.6 808

Anessa is a full sister to Armani and daughter of Apple. She has been a successful member of our IVF program and has daughters by Ducati-Red, Dogma-P, Atwood, Corvette, Malone-Red and Dresser as well as Pg’s by Kingboy, Yoder and Partyrock Profit

Selling in the Quest for Success II Sale on March 27, 2015 is her +2.41T Corvette daughter!!

Jenny-Lou-KJ Approve-Red-ET, a red Dresser heifer from Anessa, sells in the Apple Mania Sale on March 20, 2015.

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96 3E

Melarry Goldwyn Fate (EX-91 DOM)
12/14 GTPI +1798 PTA -9M -8F +7P
2-02 2x 365d 34,420 3.7 1259 3.4 1158

She has been a great brood cow and has daughters by Bookem, Jives, Hero, Braxton, Epic, Explode and Planet!

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Melarry Durham Fever-ET EX-91

Fate’s most exciting daughter
Jenny-Lou-KJ Bookm Fancy-ET (VG-85)
12/14 GTPI +2262 PTA +1126M +25F +42P

Fancy is a recently fresh Bookem daughter of Goldwyn Fate! She is currently being flushed.

Sire: De-Su 521 Bookem-ET
Dam: Melarry Goldwyn Fate-ET VG-88 DOM

2nd-Look Durham Juba 3433-ET (EX-95 2E GMD)
7-04 2x 365d 47,400 3.7 1734 3.0 1408
Life: 2174d 215,230 3.5 7504 3.2 6818
All-Wisconsin 125,000 Lb Cow 2008

Her first proven son is active - Wilstar Mich Just Right - and is available through IPS.

Wilstar Outside 2189-ET (EX-92 EEVEE 2E)
12/14 GTPI +1649 PTA -240M -16F -19P
4-04 2x 365d 39,450 4.1 1629 3.2 1247

She is from 2nd Look Durham Juba (EX-95) and is now her highest classified daughter to date.  Wilstar Outside 2189-ET has a GP Guthrie 2 Yr Old and two Dempsey heifers due in early 2015.  Owned with Kevin Jorgensen.

Da-So-Burn Mich Dezzie-ET (EX-94 EEEEE)
12/14 GTPI +1595 PTA +313M +9F +0P
4-06 3x 365d 48,980 4.0 1952 3.0 1485

One of our favorites this EX-94 member of the Dellia’s has a bred heifer by Goldwyn and PG’s by Gold Chip, Durham, Kingboy and Beemer

Sire: Michael Storm Avalanche-ET
Dam: Da-So-Burn G-Luck Della-ET VG-86 GMD
Siemers Lightning Alanna (EX-92 EEEEE)
12/14 GTPI +1558 PTA -423M -26F -17P
2-10 3x 301d 32,160 3.5 1117 3.1 987

A granddaughter of 2E-96 All-American Ashlyn and out of an EX GMD Outside, Alanna has a Guthrie yearling and is bred to Atwood. She has PG’s by Gold Chip, Atwood and Beemer

Sire: Lylehaven Lightning-ET
Dam: EO Siemers Ashlyns Ashley EX-90 GMD

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