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Kingsway Lauthority Rodie
Macland Atwood Juliet
Macland Shottle Juliet
Cline-Crest-H Ruben Lace-ET

Jeff & Lesa Mulligan
Emilie ~ Claire ~ Aidan
5403 Barber Rd.
Avon, NY 14414

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To the NY Spring Sale
April 11th - Syracuse, NY

LOT 86

Born: 12-11-14
+2402 GTPI 2/15
+1246M -.05% +32F +.03% +44P
+559NM$ +5.9PL +1.7DPR 2.82SCS
+1.72T +1.73UDC +1.04FLC

*She is one of the highest GTPI R&W heifers of the breed!

Sire: Ladys-Manor Olympian
Dam: Genesee Supersire Mojito *RC
*Embryos by Tiger-Lily DK Lowery-Red exported to Germany!
2nd Dam: Genesee-Hill Pclo Margarita *RC

1-11 300 23,060 4.1 952 3.3 770
3rd Dam: Genesee-Hill Planet Mango (VG-87, EX-MS)
4th Dam: LBH Shottle Magnet-ET (GP-84, VG-MS)
5th Dam:

Gen-Mark Magna Marcy-ET (EX-90)

*Maternal sister to Sanchez
Next 4 dams VG or EX!

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