B&L Dundee Samantha
Excellent-94 EEEEE 3E
10-01 2x 78d 13,338 3.6 477 2.8 369

HHM All-American Spring Yearling 2006
Nominated All-American Junior 2-Year-Old 2007
Nominated All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 2008
Nominalted All-Canadian Junior 3-Year-Old 2008

Samantha is 10-years-old and working on her 7th lactation!


Cavanaleck BG Bruin
Cavanaleck BG Bruin
Very Good-87

Reserve All-Ontario Senior 2-Year-Old 2014


MS Goldwyn Lucky Lady
MS Goldwyn Lucky Lady
Very Good-87

4th Winter Yearling, Midwest Spring Show 2014


Cavanaleck BG Bruin
Claquato-RHH At Rocky Ridge
Excellent-92 EEEE

1st Senior 3-Year-Old, District 8 WI Show 2014

Rocky is backed by 17 generations of Excellent & 1 Very Good


Ryan-Vu Reginald Emblem
Ryan-Vu Reginald Emblem

1st Fall Yearling, Midwest Spring Show 2015
3rd Fall Calf, International Holstein Show 2014
Nominated All-American Fall Calf 2014
1st Fall Calf, Wisconsin State Championship Show 2014
All-Wisconsin Fall Calf 2014


Comstar Hodree Goldwyn
Comestar Hodree Goldwyn

Reserve All-American Summer Yearling 2014
HHM All-Canadian Summer Yearling 2014
2nd Summer Yearling, International Holstein Show 2014
3rd Summer Yearling, RAWF 2014


Hobby Acres Windbrook Edie
Hobby-Acres Wndbrk Edie-ET

Very Good-88 2Y

Nominated All-American Spring Yearling 2014
1st Spring Yearling & HHM Junior Champion, NY State Show 2014
1st Spring Yearling & Junior Champion, NY Junior Holstein Show 2014
2nd Spring Yearling, NY Spring Show 2014
4th Spring Yearling, International Holstein Show 2014


Hillpine Stone Fever *RC
Very Good-86

Junior Champion, Wisconsin District 6 Show 2013
7th Fall Calf, International Holstein Show 2013


Ryan-Vu Regin Raz A Taz
Ryan-Vu Regin Raz A Taz
Very Good-86 2Y

1st Summer Yearling, Wisconsin State Championship Show 2014
All-Wisconsin Summer Yearling 2014

June Beemer daughter - Ryan-MVLOO Beemer Rapture - #2 Type Heifer in the Breed!


Miss Hot Mama-Red-ET
Miss Hot Mama-Red-ET

2nd R&W Fall Calf, International R&W Show 2014
Reserve All-American R&W Fall Calf 2014
2nd Fall Calf, Midwest R&W Spring Show 2014

Sire: Mr. Apples Armani ET
Dam: Starmark Ad Hot Stuff EX-94
Nominated R&W All-American Aged Cow 2013
Grand Champion, NY Spring R&W Show 2013
Unanimous R&W All-American 5-Year-Old 2012
Nominated 2012 R&W Cow of the Year
Reserve Grand Champion & 1st 5-Year-Old, International R&W Show 2012
Grand Champion, Ohio Spring R&W Show 2011
Reserve R&W All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 2010
R&W All-American Spring Calf 2007


Eastriver Gold Shimmer
Eastriver Gold Shimmer
Excellent- 91 (2nd calf)

1st Senior 3, Intermediate & Grand Champion, Atlantic Summer Show 2014
2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, Atlantic Spring Show 2014


Macland Atwood Stacie
Macland Atwood Stacie

1st Junior 3-Year-Old & HM Intermediate Champion, Midwest Spring Show 2013
Pregnancies Due by Armani


Arethusa Advent Mascara *RC
Excellent-92 (max score)

All-Illinois Junior 2-Year-Old 2010
9th Junior 2-Year-Old, International Holstein Show

Mascara is a granddaughter of Supreme Champion Melanie EX-96 3E!

Embryos for Sale
12 - Samantha x Mr Licorice-Red-ET

5 - Stacie x Armani
7 - Mascara x Armani

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