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GTPI-Type Sale- 9th Edition

Friday, Feb 10th *11 AM * Lancaster, PA
co-managed with Daniel Brandt

110 lots sell including genomics, show calves, choices,
embryos and 50+ hand selected special milking & springers!

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View-Home Meridian Iowa-ET
6-3 305 33,750 4.5 1514 3.0 1008
+2854G Modesty calf sells from Iowa.
This Dec 16 calf +2054M +89F +63P +7.7PL +3.2DPR +2.62T+2.41UDC.
2 sisters sold for $300,000. Iowa is sister to ‘Monterey’ & ‘Powerball.'

Misty-Moor Delta Pailou
Selling from this nice bred heifer is a GTPI +2794 +908NM$ Modesty calf.
Full sister to calf just sold for $160,000!

Ensenada Armstead Pride EX-90 EX-MS
3-07 303 32,570 3.5 1147 3.1 997
Pride is the 3rd dam of a 3/16 Jedi that sells w/ GTPI +2687 and ready to flush now.
Dam is a GP-83 Jabir 2yr old then 87 x 90 x 86 x 88 (Planet’s full sis). x EX-93,3E.

Hickorymea Signif Ohio-P-ET*PP EX-90 EX-MS
4-03 305 39,450 3.8 1498 3.3 1296
Selling a POLLED Modesty w/ GTPI +2616 +68F.
Dam is GP-83 Jabir fresh 2yr-old then 10 VG or EX dams.

Juniper Goldwyn Wistful 2E-93
FRESH, pot. 9th gen EX MONTROSS sells!
She is milking over 100 lbs, is A2A2, +2455 GTPI, +64P, 2.48T!
Dam is EX Supersonic x Wistful 2E-93. Next dam is EX-95 Outside Wish x 2 more EX-94 dams

Co-Vale Dempsy Dina 4270-ET EX-92 EX-MS
2-08 365 28,960 3.7 1064 3.4 979
Un. All-Am & All-Can Sr 2 yr. old 2015
Selling is 1st choice MAS from Dina’s fancy Archrival yearling

Budjon-JK Emilys Edair-ET 2E-95
Res. All-Am Jr. 3 2010
5-11 365 37,850 3.5 1307 3.3 1133
Selling is Edair’s fancy Dec. 2015 Doorman and potential 9th generation EX!

Ms Donwaland Talnt Tilly-ET 3E-95
6-04 305 38,240 3.5 1347 3.0 1159
Selling choice of 3 Solomon females due 3/17 x fancy Goldwyn x Tilly then 5 more EX-94 dams!

KHW Regmnt Apple A2-RED-ETN EX-94
4-06 31,690 4.7 1485 4.0 1254
A2 is the clone of the great All-Am Apple-RED EX-96,3E.
Selling is A2’s 9/15 awesome Lotus dau. Also, 9/16 fancy R&W Malone sells from the Apple’s.

Fairmont Sid Azalea-ET
This Sid sells due 7/19 w/ a Beemer female. Due for Fall Yrlg. in Milk for 2017!
Dam is EX-92 Goldwyn x EX-92 Gibson x Durham Atlee EX-92 All-Am!



*Josuper w/ +2562G sells due 4/4 to sexed Flagship. Big AI family

*GTPI +2705 Jedi sells x GP-84 Chevrolet 10 VG or EX from Tango’s family

*Atwood bred heifer and fresh Uno sell from EX-95 Silvermaple Damion Camomile

*Armani bred heifer carrying a Beemer female sells from 3E-94 Kevrel Shottle Mae

*Gold Chip sells due March x Abrianna EX-92 R. All-Am x Adeen 2E-94

*Fresh R&W Addiction & June R&W Defiant that are Pot.7th gen EX’s sell from 2E-94 Absolute

*1st choice Kashmir x Doorman x All Am Cookview Goldwyn Monique 2E-96