and her daughter sells at the NY Spring Sale

Saturday, April 11, 2015 - Syracuse, NY

Kingsbury Parsnip 2E-94 @ 7-5  93-95-93-93-94
2-1 365 30380 3.4 1030 3.1   931
3-6 351 35406 3.1 1109 3.1 1087
5-1 365 32779 3.1 1018 3.2 1042
LTD:   120995 3.2 4048 3.2 4030

Parsnip was fresh again in November and moved up 2 more points three months later. She has become better with age as she matures into a powerful, wide, dairy individual.

Dam: Willows-Edge BC Parsley 3E-92 EEEVE
2nd Dam: Willows-Edge Encore Persist VG-86-3Y
3rd Dam: Willows-Edge Astre Prentice 2E-91 VEEEE
4th Dam: Willows-Edge Mark Prefer 4E-94 EEEEE

And it doesn’t stop with Parsnip! Her March ’14 Regancrest Baltimor daughter, Glen-Valley Balt Pepper, was 1st Spring Calf at the 2014 Pennsylvania State 4-H Show in September!

Parsnip is being IVFed for more daughters. We just transferred 9 Doorman reverse-sorted IVF embryos the first week of March and there are more Goldwyn IVF transfers on the way for December heifers!

Parsnip has 3 more young Regancrest Baltimors on the ground at Glen-Valley, including Glen-Valley Balt Pinto, a stunning July ’14 heifer selling at the NY Spring Sale on April 11, 2015 in Syracuse, NY. She’s tall, wide, and fancy, just like her full sister and her dam!

Willows-Edge BC Parsley 3E-92 EEEVE
Dam of Parsnip

Willows-Edge Mark Prefer 4E-94 EEEEE
4th Dam of Parsnip

Other excitement at Glen-Valley

High genomics from a deep pedigree

Winning-Way Malaysia VG-86-2Y
2-2 365 29490 3.4% 995F 3.1% 905P

From the Whittier-Farms Christina’s: Glen-Valley Halogen Moxie +2595 & Music +2576GTPI! They are from Glen-Valley Uno Monopoly VG-86@2-3, next dam Malaysia, who is followed by 15 more Gen of VG & EX. Monopoly also has a young January Shan daughter awaiting genomic results.

Polled Barbie!

B-A-M Beyonce
2-00 365 31430 3.7% 1163F 2.9% 910P

Beyonce calved again in early March for a 3rd time! Her daughter, Glen-Valley Earnhardt Bow, is polled and has international embryo contracts. She has transfers by Kad-P and Silver. She is due in December to Boseman-P!

From the world-famous Barbies, Beyonce also daughters here at Glen-Valley by Levi, Uno, and Day, and POLLED daughters by Earnhardt-P, Effect-P, Relief-P, and Dolo-P.

Dam: Regancrest Brasilia EX-92 GMD-DOM, dam of Brady & Gold Barbara
2nd Dam: Regancrest Durham Barbie EX-92 EEEEE GMD-DOM
3rd dam: Regancrest Juror Brina-ET EX-92 EX-MS GMD

4th Dam: Regancrest Aerostar Bert-ET EX-90 GMD DOM

5th Dam: Regancrest Mark Chairman Bea EX-91 2E GMD

6th Dam: Regancrest Board Chairman Bea EX-90

6th Generation EX homebred!

Glen-Valley Shottle Carat EX-90 EX-MS-3Y
2-2 365 27910 3.9% 1098F 3.2% 894P
3-4 365 41297 3.1% 1301F 2.9% 1209P

The newest star from the Caprices! Carat is the 1st 6th-Generation EX in the family. Carat has April Golden Dreams and June Windbrooks due, plus a fancy +2242GTPI Feb ‘14 Mogul. Carat is on service to Even-Par Carter (Uno x EX Alexander x VG-88 Bolton from Caprice family)!

Dam: Glen-Valley Goldwyn Caroline EX-90
2nd Dam: Glen-Valley Emerson Caress 2E-91
3rd Dam: Glen-Valley Luke Compliment 2E-91
4th Dam: Glen-Valley Blackstar Classy 2E-92
5th Dam: Honeyglo Rotate Connie EX-91

Approaching 19…

Golden-Rose Shot Romance VG-87 EX-MS-4Y
2-11 365 33159 3.5% 1179F 2.8% 967P

From Oakfield Pronto Ritzi 2E-93 plus 15 more generations of EX, Romance calved again in December and just sold in the Air-Osa Extravaganza for $7.000! Her oldest daughter, Glen-Valley Royal Gold, scored VG-85 @ 3-0 with more points to come. She has 5 daughters on the ground including a +2251 Tango!

The Empress family

Glen-Valley Durham Empress 3E-93 EEEEE GMD-DOM
8-08 365 33830 3.5% 1187F 3.2% 1077P
LT: 194640 3.4% 6525F 3.3% 6428P

Empress’s last two daughters are fresh at Glen-Valley: Lauthority Emmion VG-86 VG-87-MS @2-8 and Iota Emblem VG-85 @2-3. Emmion is due in early September with an Even-Par Cannon heifer. Emblem has a May ’14 Atwood heifer on the ground.

Dam: Glen-Valley Rudolph Elata VG-86
3rd Dam: Glen-Valley Highligh Electra 2E-92
4th Dam: Glen-Valley Mars Elite 2E-90
5th Dam: New-Direction Elise VG-85
6th Dam: Limestone Arlinda Chief Eloise EX-90.

The Tobi’s

Glen-Valley Domain Tammy
EX-91 EX-92-MS EEEVE @3-11.
2-05 365 30558 3.4% 1045F 2.9% 891P
3-07 287 29909 2.9% 861F 2.6% 783P

Tammy was fresh in June and moved up quickly in score. She is bred again and due in June 2015 to Gen-I-Beq Sammy. Her sweet March ’13 Supersire just calved with a Caviar heifer. Tammy also has Backdoor and Archrival heifers due in September.

Tammy’s maternal sister by Goldwyn, Glen-Valley Goldwyn Tango VG-88-3Y has seven Durham heifers due in late April.

Tammy is co-owned by Scott Umble & Nathan Ulmer.

From the Sweets…and for a cause.

Glen-Valley Rubens Sprinkle 2E-92 EEEEE
3-5 365 34924 3.9% 1379F 3.4% 1211P
LTD 144559 3.9% 5606F 3.3% 4816P

Though Sprinkle has passed, we are excited about the next generation she has left behind! We have sold many of her daughters to benefit the Jordan Umble Memorial Mission Fund. We are still working with her December ‘12 Braxton due in March with a Brazzle heifer, and an August ’13 Goldsun. “Spring Fever”, Sprinkle’s VG-85 @ 2-5 Fever daughter has daughters by Gold Chip and Glen on the ground.

Sprinkle’s offspring benefit the Jordan M. Umble Memorial Missions Fund, in honor of our son Jordan who lived his life with a passion for all to hear the grace of Jesus. Info can be found at http://issuu.com/umblevable/docs/jordan_fund_application_letter