Thank you to all who played a role in the Quest for Success II Sale! We are proud to announce that 100 lots averaged $8406 with cattle going to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and 14 states!!! A special thank you to our consignors and our buyers!

Lynn & Sara Harbaugh, Mark & Mary Ryan and Chad & Amy Ryan


Bella-View Cow Families


Rosedale Go For Gin

Now Excellent-93
3-04 2x 365d 34,000 4.2 1430 3.0 1030
2-01 2x 365d 26,270 4.1 1088 3.3 855

Sired by Goldwyn, Go for Gin is a full sister to the 2013 All-American 5-year-old and 2x Reserve All-American Rosedale Lexington now EX-95!

Kingsmill Ashlyns Ashore-ET
now EX-94!

Ashore is the Goldwyn daughter of the All-World Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96. Ashore was purchased in the first Quest for Success by Ernie Kueffner and has developed quite nicely.

BKB Goldwyn Amenda

Res. Intermediate Champion Intl. Holstein Show, 2013
Full sister is dam of Miss Windbrook Angel

Nominated All-American Junior Best Three


Summer-Dream Absolute Love-Red
3/4 sister to Wilstar-RS Tlnt Limited-Red
All Wisconsin 10 & Under R&W Spring Calf
Owned by Harbaugh & Zimmermann

Bella-View Braxton Allure
Junior Champion of the
Junior Show; Wisconsin Championship Show
Junior All-Wisconsin Summer Yearling
Owned by Kayla Krueger

Jerland-SH Atwood Adeen-ET
Junior All Wisconsin 10 & Under Spring Calf
Owned by J, L & M Harbaugh

Derreck & Darren Kamphuis were recognized as 1st Jr. with Winter Calf, Bella-Ridge Aftrshck Gin-ET and Senior 2-year-old, Bella-Ridge Gin Blossom at the Spring Show in Jefferson. Gin was also named Jr. All-Wisconsin Sr. 2-year-old at the Wisconsin Championship Show.

Congratulations to Katherine Larson!  Junior Champion of the Junior and Open Show, District 2 – Bella-Ridge Sid Ada.

About Us
Lynn and Sara both grew up with registered Holsteins being a part of their lives. Lynn grew up working at GaJoLy Holsteins, his parents 50-cow herd. He also worked as a herdsman at Crest-View Acres during and after graduating from high school. After attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course Program, Lynn was herdsman at Debello-Hills Holsteins for more than five years. He is currently an Area Sales Manager with NorthStar Select Sires in north central Wisconsin and enjoys judging several shows throughout the year.

Sara grew up at Hilrose Holsteins, Sherwood, WI. Hilrose is home to several home-bred All-American nominees in both the black and white and red and white breeds. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Dairy Science and Agricultural Journalism, Sara worked as an Associate Editor at Hoard's Dairyman magazine and is currently a Territory Business Manager with Zoetis in north central Wisconsin.

Prior to making their home in Marion, Lynn and Sara spent seven years in a partnership at Wilstar Holsteins where Lynn was responsible for the day to day care of the herd. The herd was dispersed in May of 2009 and along with their three children, Jacob, Logan and Madison, are excited about their new venture, Bella-View Holsteins.

The new prefix comes from what Lynn feels is "the best cow I ever worked with", HARBAUGH BELLA, an EX 92-point Durham daughter. "Bella" in Spanish means beautiful.

With the new set-up in Marion, WI, they felt Bella-View was a very fitting name for our new start. A new start and a new name, but the same strong commitment to great care and an deep passion for developing outstanding individuals from great cow families to their highest potential.

Lynn & Sara welcome your visit at anytime!

Centrally located 2 1/2 hours north of Madison - between Sandy Valley Farms and MilkSource Genetics!

From left - Logan, Madison and Jacob at the 2014 District 7 Show

Lynn & Sara Harbaugh
Jacob, Logan & Madison
N11912 Graetz Road
Marion, WI 54950
715-754-2570 home
866-590-0241 fax
920-420-1524 Lynn cell

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