March 31 – Thunder Bay Spring Classic Holstein Show
Thunder Bay Spring Classic Holstein Show
Mar. 31 - Murillo, ON
Judge - Lorne Briscoe
Total shown - 41
Junior Champion: Candyview Dolman Janella (Regancrest Dolman), 1st summer yearling, Matthew Yerxa & Lorne and Cynthia Vis, Murillo & Thunder Bay, ON
Res. Junior Champion: Veumont Talent Tena (Ladino Park Talent), 1st senior calf, Veumont Farm, Thunder Bay, ON
Grand Champion: Rosenhorst Jolt Shania (Second-Look Jolt), 1st 5-year-old, Jed Blekkenhorst & Son, Thunder Bay, ON
Res. Grand Champion: Joalfarms Jolt Moonlight (Second-Look Jolt), 1st mature cow, Allan & Lorne Vis, Murillo, ON
Premier Breeder: Jed Blekkenhorst & Son
Premier Exhibitor: Allan & Lorne Vis
March 29 - April 3 – Canadian National Holstein Convention
An early April sale held in conjunction with the Canadian National Holstein Convention, held March 29 through April 3rd, yielded positive results for the VanDyk family of Vandyk-K Holsteins in Lynden, WA. Their proximity to the Canadian border, just a few miles away, lended itself to visits during the Canadian convention and is still creating interest according to Kyle! The first ever Vandyk-K Select Tag Sale is over, and while some animals are still being housed in Lynden, the herd was classified. Check out the new scores: Vandyk-K Gibson Paisley is now EX-94, while Vandyk-K Encore Pattie-ET is EX-93. Both were sold through the tag sale and will eventually make their home north of the border. Vandyk-K Gold Phoenix and Vandyk-K Dundee Precious both scored EX; Phoenix being 45 days fresh and Precious just one week fresh. There were also four new VG-87 2-year-olds, including a Dundee sister to Paradise and a Goldwyn from Paradise's clone.
March 28 – Southeast PA Spring Fever Sale
It was a muddy, cool spring day for the Southeast PA Spring Fever sale held March 28th in Lancaster, PA. The large crowd witnessed 73 lots average $2,020. The top seller of the day at $5700 was a 1st choice Shottle daughter from Savage-Leigh Explosion. Explosion is a 7th generation EX from 2E-95 Encore Expose and then 3E-96 Krull Broker Elegance. This consignment of Kulpdale Farm, Manheim, PA was the pick of Sam Stoltzfus of Narvon, PA. A fancy fresh Drake daughter of Garstlyn Encore Rip- 2E-95 was the highest selling live animal at $5200. She was consigned by Rose Garden Farm of Brownstown, PA and was sold to John Zimmerman of Myerstown, PA. The 3rd highest seller at $5000 was a 1st choice Ping daughter from Bucknell Shottle Sherry- VG-86. Sherry was the top of the CTPI sale and was the consignment of Michael Brubaker of Lebanon, PA and was struck off to Gordon Lamb of Oakfield, NY. The sale was managed by Landis Marketing.
March 28 – Michigan Holstein Association's 2009 Spring Jackpot Show
Michigan Holstein Association's 2009 Spring Jackpot Show
Mar. 28 - East Lansing, MI
Judge - Mark Rueth, Oxford, WI
Total shown - 112
Junior Champion: Tri-Koebel Aspen Franchise (EK-Oseeana Aspen), 1st fall yearling, Greta Koebel
Res. Junior Champion: Round Hill Aspen Frisco (EK-Oseeana Aspen), 1st fall heifer, Alan, Moss & Renee McCauley
Intermediate & Res. Grand Champion: Pappys S Storm Ginger-ETS (Pursuit September Storm), 1st Sr. 3-year-old, McCauley & VanExel
Res. Intermediate Champion: Lareleve Samuelo Chrissy (Regancrest-Mr Samuelo), 1st Sr. 2-year-old, Hardys Holsteins
Senior & Grand Champion: Lylehaven Durham Marble (Regancrest Elton Durham), 1st 5-year-old, Hardys Holsteins
Res. Senior: Tri-Koebel Durham Eager (Regancrest Elton Durham), 1st aged cow, Tera Koebel
Premier Breeder: Tri-Koebel Holsteins
Premier Exhibitor: Long-Haven Farms

Junior Show
Junior Champion: Tri-Koebel Lheros Nala, summer yearling, Tera Koebel
Res. Junior Champion: Class L & E Fabulous Tina, winter yearling, Lucas Moser
Intermediate Champion: Westvale-Vu Kings Stary-Tw, Sr. 2-year-old, Brittany Westendorp
Res. Intermediate Champion: Tomerton Durham Eve, Sr. 2-year-old, Lucas Moser
Senior & Grand Champion: Tri-Koebel Durham Eager, aged cow, Tera Koebel
Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion: Tri-Koebel Fear This, 4-year-old, Tera Koebel
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Lucas Moser
March 28 – Elm Park Red Futures Sale 2009
Elm Park Red Futures Sale 2009
    The 17th edition of the Elm-park Red Futures Sale which was held at the Cow Palace in Kaukauna on March 28th was again a successful sale for females, males and embryos.
   A full house crowd with breeders attending from Maryland, Ohio, Michigan and New York participated in 10 lots selling for over $5,000, 2 lots selling over $10,000 and 1 lot over $15,000. The contenders and buyer’s of these Red & Whites are from 16 states from California to New York to Texas. Buyers and contenders also were from British Colombia, Ontario, Canada, Austria, New Zealand and Argentina.
   The top selling embryo’s were from the Brillance cow family in Canada and sired by Shottle sold for $725 per embryo for a $2,900 total for the package. This top embryo package was purchased by an Austrian breeder via the live Tel-O-Auction feature of the sale!
   The high selling live female lot was Horstyle Elm Park Moy-Red-ET. Moy-Red was sold to Cedar Lane Farm of Oldwick, New Jersey. A unique feature of this consignment was her Genomic test results which evidenced her superior production genetics made available by this new DNA test. The second high selling lot was the first choice of a Polled Goldwyn calf from Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET. This choice calf was purchased by Elm Park Farms for $14,000.
   This year’s sale again featured the unique telo-auction possibility for buyers worldwide to become live bidders via an exclusive toll-free telephone auction connection! Allowing the bidders the ability to listen to the auction live and place their bids live! The telo-auction sales specialist for Elm Park Farms; Ted Radintz sold 10 Lots over the phone and fielded 23 contending bids. Dairy enthusiasts can participate next year by marking their calendars for March 26th, 2010 for the 18th annual Elm Park Red Futures Sale!
March 27 – Michigan & Indiana Spring Foundation Sale
The Michigan & Indiana Spring Foundation Sale was held on Friday, March 27th in E. Lansing, Michigan. The sale was managed by CanAm Sales Management and sponsored by Michigan and Indiana Holstein Associations. Topping the sale was 11/08 Ri-Val-Re Shottle Wendi-ET PTPI 2209, sired by Planet from VG88 EX91MS CAN Shottle Wendi. Consigned by Ri-Val-Re Farms, Planet Wendi sold for $33,000 to Canadian syndicate of Genervations, Maplewood Holsteins, and Stanton Bros Ltd, Ilderton, Ontario with Pilar Holsteins of LaPorte, Indiana the contending bidder.
    Second high seller was 8/08 End-Road Socrates Maris-ET PTPI 1960, sired by Socrates from VG87 VGMS Shottle Maze. Consigned by End Road Farms, Maris sold for $6,600 to Doug Lemke of Chilton, WI.
    The sale featured 79 consignments, primarily from MI & IN consignors, that averaged $3,081 with cattle sold to several states and Canada.
   The sale featured a Live Auction Webcast w/ Real Time Bidding provided by resulting in eight lots selling to online bidders.
    Sale staff was headed up by Jason Lamoreaux, auctioneer, Jim Hoskens, pedigrees, and ringmen Ray LeBlanc, Jim Stanton, Max Dunseth, and Ken Hall.
March 26 – Ontario Spring Holstein Show
Ontario Spring Holstein Show
Mar. 26 - London, ON
Judge - Donald Dubois
Junior Champion: Crovalley CS Allasan (Comestar Stormatic), 1st spring yearling, Crovalley Holsteins
Res. Junior Champion: Phoenix Baxter Genesis (Emerald-Acr-SA T-Baxter), 1st summer yearling, Barclay Phoenix, High Point and Continental Holsteins
HM Junior Champion: Kedeb Goldwyn Emmaleigh (Braedale Goldwyn), 1st fall calf, Kedeb Acres, John Buckley and Matt Jackson
Senior & Grand Champion: Bridgeview Gibson Dottie (Silky Gibson), 1st aged cow, Brian Coleman
Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion: Kingsway Terrason Allie (Innwood Terrason), 2nd aged cow, Trent Valley, Kingsway, Jason Mell and Sharp Acres
HM Grand Champion: Salem Goldwyn Theresa (Braedale Goldwyn), 1st Jr. 3-year-old, Futurecrest Holsteins

Red & White Show
Junior Champion: Daveray Jet Scarlet-Red (Fradon Jet-Red) 1st summer yearling, Buttdale Holsteins
Res. Junior Champion: Married-Well-T Robin-Red (Ladino Park Talent Imp), 1st winter yearling, the Robin Syndicate
HM Junior Champion: Patience Contender Kisses (Patience Showline Contender), 2nd summer yearling, Patience Holsteins
March 21 – The 2009 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale
The 2009 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale, held at the Waupaca County Fairgrounds, Weyauwega in March, featured 38 lots of calves and heifers averaging $1,863.82. The high-seller was a 1st choice female out of a 7th generation Excellent, consigned by Pete and Brenda Bricco, Marion, commanding $3,800 from Cody Schultz and Amanda Eberlee of Black Creek. Three embryo packages were also sold, bringing in an additional $2,250. In addition, six $1,000 calf grants were awarded to deserving Waupaca-Waushara Junior Holstein Association members, to be used toward the purchase of a calf. Those six youths were: Katie Bauer, Scandinavia, Zac Riemer, Clintonville, Zach Boyer, Clintonville, Zachary Burmeister, Marion, Andrew Moser, New London and Kristi Sawall, Clintonville. Donations are solicited from area businesses and producers; the Waupaca-Waushara Adult Holstein Association also contributes toward the cause.
     This year, Spiegelberg Implement donated $1,000 toward the calf grants and the Sattler family of Poy Sippi also created a $1,000 grant, in memory of John Sattler.
     The junior membership also netted over $1,800 with the semen auction that proceeded the sale. Funds are used to offset costs of junior-related activities throughout the year.
March 21 – The Greenlea VI Sale
The Greenlea VI Sale took place March 21st in Frederick, MD and the final results show an average of $5,830.50 on 100 lots (including embryos).
    Top seller at $42,200 was Lot #1 - 1st Choice Goldwyn out of Thrulane James Rose (EX-97-CAN), consigned by Pierre Boulet and purchased by Richard Green. Rose, of course, was the undefeated Aged Cow in 2008 and Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo and Royal Winter Fair and was subsequently named the unanimous All-American Aged Cow and the unanimous All-Canadian Mature Cow.
    Bringing $24,900 and claiming the 2nd high seller position was Lot 18 - Elmbridge Redliner Lifesaver, the show winning 3/08 Fradon Redliner daughter out of Elmbridge FM Loveable-Red (VG-88-3YR-CAN) who was Grand Champion of the Royal Winter Fair R&W Show and Intermediate Champion at the Grand International R&W Show in 2008. Consigned by Richard Green, she was purchased by Robert & Laura Emerson of Delaware.
    Third high at $24,000 was Lot 3 - Greenlea Deb Marla-Red-ET - a 12/08 red Debonair out of KY-Blue Ruben Marla-Red-ET (EX-92), the HM All-American 4-Year-Old in 2008 and the All-American R&W Sr 3-Year-Old in 2007. This only Debonair daughter of Marla was consigned by MD-Hillbrook and Chad & Sandy Umbel of Thurmont, MD and was claimed by Frank & Diane Borba of Modesto, CA.
March 21 – Clinton County Classic
The most recent edition of the Clinton County Classic took place on March 21st in Carlyle, IL.  The latest and most up-to-date sale average is $2,947 on 68 live animals.  Leading the way and selling for $6,500 was Lot 31 - Golden-Oaks Bax Marlee-ET.  This May '08 Baxter daughter is from the VG-86 2yr Goldwyn, Luncrest Machree-1093-ET.  She is a full sister to Luncrest BWM Mischief 883 (EX-90 90-MS), a pedigree that traces back to Col-Ray Barrett Mary (2E-93 GMD DOM).  Marlee will now make her home in Vandalia, IL as she was purchased by Ben Willenborg.  She was the consignment of Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, IL. The second high selling lot at $5,000 was the 1st Choice Female from 7 Goldwyn transfers of Neu-Way Shottle Cali-ET (VG-87 @ 2-06).  Cali's 1/09 CTPI is an impressive +2172M with PTA's of +3004M +98F +89P +3.66T +2.62UDC +3/35FLC.  She is a Shottle daughter of Poly-Kow BW Marsh Cali (VG-87) and then 7 generations of VG or EX dams from Ricecrest breeding.  The choice was the consignment of Dennis Neuhas, Noyletown, IL, and was purchased by Gordon Lamb of Oakfield Corners Dairy in Oakfield, NY.  The sale was co-managed by the Clinton County & Gateway Holstein Clubs of IL.
March 21 – Ohio Holstein Spring Sale
Ohio Holstein Spring Sale Averages $2058
by Barb Lumley
    When the gavel fell for the last time at the Ohio Holstein Spring Sale held Saturday, March 21, 2009, at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster, Ohio, 46 registered Holsteins had sold for an average of $2058. Topping the sale was Shultz Shottle Krisp, a three year old daughter of the popular Picston Shottle-ET. She was already scored Very Good 85, with 24080 pounds of milk as a two year old. Consigned by Kingsmill DCF, LLC, Liberty, North Carolina, she sold for $4100 to James Sheffield, Wellington, Ohio.
    Two animals tied for second highest selling consignment. Velvet-View Bolivar Jemima was consigned by Velvet-View Farms, Aaron Schlauch, Big Prairie, Ohio. A spring yearling, she was sired by End-Road PVF Bolivar-ET from a Good Plus 82 daughter of Regancrest-MR Drham Sam-ET with 27200 pounds of milk and 985 pounds of fat at two years, next dam EX 92 2E, she is from the Jeeves cow family. She sold to Brian Ramsey, Louisville, Ohio for $3100.
    Also selling for $3100 was Renwind Lou Angel, a bred heifer consigned by Julie Renner, Dalton, Ohio. Sired by Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET, her dam was a Very Good 87 daughter of Roylane Jordan with 25574 pounds of milk, 4.4% test and 1112 pounds of fat at two years. She was purchased by Trent Neuenschwander, Dalton, Ohio.
    Lorawae Pronto Lexington consigned by John Lora, Salem, Ohio, was one of the top selling calves in the sale. A September calf sired by Windy-Knoll-View Pronto from an Excellent 91 EX-MS Durham with 31300 pounds of milk, she sold for $2100 to Joe Cole, Bloomville, Ohio. Also selling for $2100 was the September calf, MD-Maple-Lawn Skychief Sue, sired by Donnandale Skychief from a Very Good 87 Durham daughter, consigned by Gene Iager, Fulton, Maryland. She sold to Patrick Twining, Wellington, Ohio.
    Cows averaged $2477, bred heifers $2234, yearlings $2142 and calves $1446.
    A large crowd of enthusiastic Holstein breeders was present, including several youth who were eligible to sign up for the nine vouchers that were donated by organizations and breeders involved with the Ohio Holstein Association. The vouchers in the amounts of $200 and $300 could be used by youth to purchase animals in the sale. Winners of the vouchers were Dustin Campbell, Greg Cornish, Leanna Thompson, Pat Twining, Ben Klier, Curtis Bickel, Matt McCombs, Russ Alden, and Kyle Andrews.
    The sale was managed by the Ohio Holstein Association and Don Alexander, General Manager. Auctioneer was Matt Lawrence, Lawrence Haven Holsteins, Mercer, Pennsylvania. Ringmen were Russell Kiko, Ken Janes, Randy Rausch, and Larry Nisley. The cattle were beautifully presented by the barn crew, Martin Yoder, Jason Robinson, and Erica Davis
March 20 – The Mer-Gold Complete Dispersal and Goldfawn & Friends Sale
The Mer-Gold Complete Dispersal and Goldfawn & Friends Sale was held Friday, March 20th in Intercourse, PA. A large crowd was on hand to see 87 full lots average $6788, with a gross of $601,500.
    Topping the sale at $34,000 was Lot 100 - Miss Macland Sept Juliet-ET (EX-91), she is the 2008 Kingsmill Futurity Champion 2008 and HM All-American Jr. 3-Year-Old 2008. Juliet was fresh 6/16/08 and sold open, ready to flush. She is a September Storm daughter of Sco-Lo Integrity Juliet (EX-92), 1st Fall Yearling WDE 2000. Next dam is a VG-85 Highlight. She was purchased by Tony Whitehead of Conway, MO.
     2nd high seller was Derrwyn Miss Special-Red (2E-94 DOM) herself. She sold for $30,000 to Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY. Miss Special is well-known in Holstein circles for her many accomplishments in the show ring, including being a three-time R&W All-American. Not to mention she is already an established brood cow as she currently has 2 EX and 9 VG daughters, and 4 sons in AI. Speaking of her Miss Special's offspring, her daughter, Derrwyn Special Missy-Red (EX-92 DOM), sold for $29,000 to Cedar Haven.
March 19 & 20 – Kansas Spring Show
Kansas Spring Show
March 19 & 20
Hutchinson, KS
Judge: Adam Liddle, Argyle, NY
Junior Champion: Wil-Wenbrook Alleg Taffy (EK-Oseeana SG Allegiance-ET, 1st Fall Yearling, Owned by Carol and Kalli Keen
Res. Jr. Champion: Miss Rosis Rosette (Braedale Goldwyn), 1st Spring Yearling, Owned by Kalli Keen and Nathan Iager
Grand Champion: Poor-Richs Rbns Aspen-Red (STBVQ Rubens *RC), 1st 5-year-old, Owned by Rottinghaus Farms
Res. Grand Champion: Henkeseen Durham Heidi-ET (Regancrest Elton Durham-ET), 1st 3-year-old, Owned by Rottinghaus Farms
March 19 – The Kansas State Sale
The Kansas State Sale was held Thursday, March 19th in Hutchinson, KS and both Holsteins and Jerseys achieved fine averages - 53 Holstein lots averaged $3,443 and 9 Jerseys averaged $3,289. Top selling animal at $23,000 was Lot #2 - Kingsmill Ashlyns Audrey-ET - a very stylish 4/08 Stormatic daughter out of 2E-96 Tri-Day Ashlyn consigned by Kingsmill Farm II. Out of the All-American Ashlyn and full sister to the All-American EO Siemers Ashlyns Angel (EX-92), Audrey was purchased by Ehrhardt Farms of Baldwin, MD and the contending bidder was Rick Allyn of Canaan, CT. Bringing $13,750 as 2nd high seller was Lot #1 - Miss Rosis Rosette - a 3/08 Goldwyn who was nominated All-American Spring Calf in 2008. Out of a VG-85 Dundee dam and then an EX-93 Windstar, Rosette was consigned by Kalli Keen and Nathan Iager and purchased by Starmark Farm of Wooster, OH. Top selling Jersey at $6,000 was Ratliff Giller Fallon, a 9/08 Giller daughter out of the EX-92 Sambo Fabulous, who was nominated All-American Junior 3-Year-Old in 2007. Fallon was consigned by Ron & Christy Ratliff of Garnett, KS and she was purchased by Amanda Nelson.
March 18 – The Atlantic Spring Showcase
The Atlantic Spring Showcase, held March 18th in Fredericton, New Brunswick, averaged $3,843 on 53 live lots. The top seller was Therindale Dolman Mist, consigned by Blair Weeks, Therindale Farms, T&L Cattle and Susan Frizzell. She is a senior yearling that was nominated All-Canadian last year. She was purchased by T&L Cattle and Harry Bailey for $21,000.
March 18 – The Carroll County Calf Sale
The Carroll County Calf Sale took place March 18th in Maryland and went very well. The average on eggs and choices was $1961. High Seller was the first choice Shottle from Ladys Manor Aurora, a VG-86 Champion from Ladys Manor Autumn, with a CTPI of +1861. It sold to Gordon Lamb of NY. Prices held well throughout the sale with three calves bringing in excess of $3000. Embryos lots ranged from $400-$500 per embryo.
March 16 - April 3 – Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale ’09
Very successful Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale
    The Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale ’09 was very successful with 23 animals selling to 8 different countries for an average price of EUR 9.308. Prices averaged between EUR 4.200 and EUR 18.000 for the sale hosted on
    The top seller came from Denmark, Anderstrup Pronto Liza Z, daughter of the exclusive Windy-Knoll-View Pronto and granddaughter of the worldwide admired “Million Dollar Cow” Lylehaven Lila Z EX-91-CAN. This sale topper was purchased by a syndicate between Dutch farmers JK Eder Holsteins and Ven Dairy for EUR 18,000.
    The 2nd high seller was the very nice milking heifer, Henkeseen RUW Himalaya VG-86-DE 2yr. This internationally contracted bull dam was purchased for EUR 17,500 by Scholten Dairies (NL). Himalaya has a very high Genomic Marker test and hails from the extremely successful cow family of Henkeseen M Hillary EX-94-USA.
March 14 – 2009 Maryland Holstein State Sale
2009 Maryland State Sale Report
By Andrea Hood-Haines
    A March born calf, Glen-Toctin Mac Lilac-ET topped the Maryland Holstein State Sale at $12,400. The Mac daughter out of VG87, Glen-Toctin Oman Lilisha-ET full sister to Glen-Toctin AltaOmax was consigned by the Allen Family of Jefferson, Md. Purchasing the lot with numerous A.I. and embryo contact interest was Clear Echo Farm of N.Y. The heifer is backed by many dams of VG or EX scores. Lilisha made 35,900M 1591F 1169P on her 2-00 test milking 365 days.
   The Venus Syndicate of Ohio purchased a first choice female due this March out of VG87, North-Fork Lynch Dina-ET from EX90, Kings-Ransom DB Digital-ET. Sired by Planet, the choice, consigned by North Echo Holsteins of Schuylerville, N.Y. was sold for $10,500.
    Kingsmill Farm II, LLC of Durham, N.C. consigned the second highest selling live lot, a September calf, Kingsmill Titanic Alley-ET for $9500. The Titanic daughter out of the famous EX96, Tri-Day Ashlyn-ET is due in less than a month to an Advent son from Dela-Red. The statuesque heifer was purchased together by the Mast Family of Scenic-Vista Farm in Grantsville, Md. and the Bender Family of Oakview-Ridge Farm in Accident, Md.
    Tom Priest of Greencastle, Pa. bought the fourth highest seller, a first choice female from two Planet heifers born last December out of VG88, Art-Acres Kay 721-ET. Kay is a heavily contracted dam ranking in the top 100 on the CTPI list. Consigning the choice that brought $9200 was Nick Raggi, Union Bridge, Md., Tom Priest of Greencastle, Pa. and Tom Mercuro of Boonsboro, Md.
    The third highest live lot was consigned by Jarod Smith of Monkton, Md. selling a December born Planet daughter with registration pending. The heifer is out of VG85, Ladys-Manor Gold Amelia-ET and was purchased for $8500 by Oakfield Corner Dairy of Oakfield, N.Y.
    Tumbleweed Holsteins of Lowell, Mich. purchased a fancy September born heifer, Round-Hill Aspen Frisco for $7800. She is an Aspen daughter out of EX92, Miss Durham Fantasy that goes back to EX94 4E GMD, Plushanski Chief Faith. The lot was consigned by Bulldog Holsteins, Libertytown, Md. and Cindy Warner, Frederick, Md.
    An Aspen daughter, Ro-Meyer Liz Aspen 3230-ET born in July was also sold to Tumbleweed Holsteins, Thomas and Renee McCauley of Lowell, Mich. The lot sold for $6000 out of 2EX90, Lylehaven Lilypad-ET with a lifetime record boasting 172,990M 6396F 5455P. Full sister to Lilypad is 2EX93, Lylehaven Form Laura-ET, 2003 Honorable Mention All-American 4-year old and 2008 Res. All-Canadian Jr. 3-year old. Laura is the dam of EX91, Lylehaven Lightning from Select Sires.
    The sale managed by the Maryland Holstein Association averaged $3733 with a total of 74 lots. Auctioneer Chris Hill, MD-Hillbrook sold the animals that came thru the ring at the Harford County Equestrian Center on Saturday, March 14th.
March 12 - 16 – The Spring Fever Online ET Sale
The Spring Fever Online ET Sale, held March 12 - 16, concluded last evening with a flurry of bidding activity resulting a top selling price of $13,600 on a first choice female by Million from Windy-Knoll-View M Polly-ET VG88 VGMS. This pick was sold to Ridgedale Farms, Sharon Springs, NY. Doug Lemke, of Chilton, WI purchased the second high seller for $13,100, Windy-Knoll-View Paris EX92 EXMS sold fresh, open and ready to flush. The sale was hosted by and managed by CanAm Sales Management.
March 7 – The Branson Limited Edition Sale

The Branson Limited Edition Sale was held March 7 at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri. The sale, managed by Burton-Fellers Sales, averaged an impressive $14,171 on 38 lots. Leading the way on the list of high sellers at $58,000 was Lot 30, a choice of 3 ultrasound females sired by Goldwyn due in September from Gloryland Lana Rae (2E-94). The choice is a maternal sister to Gloryland Liberty Rae (EX-92), perennial show favorite from the great Roxys who will be rescored in March. Consigned by David Tait’s Gloryland Holsteins of Grottoes, VA, the right to choose from these exciting youngsters will be that of the Gold Standard Syndicate, Steve Collins, Harrisonburg, VA.
    Tremendous excitement and interest also surrounded the second high seller, Lot 6, a choice of 6 female pregnancies sired by Golden-Oaks ST Alexander from Regancrest Brasilia-ET (VG-88) CTPI +2178. Brasilia, sired by Shottle is perhaps the highest profile and most popular of 19 VG 2-year-old daughters of Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET (2E-92). After a spirited bidding session, she was claimed by John Lapp, Leola, PA, for $32,500.
    Another icon of the breed, the Licorice family, produced the third high seller at $29,500. Consigned by Savage Leigh Farms of Knoxville, MD, a choice will be made of 4 December ‘08 females sired by Goldwyn from Licorice (EX-92) by Morris Thalen, Ponoka, AB, Canada.

Sale Notes
    This year the sale was held with animals selling in absentia, marking a return to the format of the very first Branson Sale. This change necessitated other interesting changes as well. For the first time ever, the sale was broadcast live on the internet. Audio spots on each consignment were aired, announced by Holstein enthusiasts whose voices were fun to identify. Each had different styles, including Larry Kleiner who proposed interesting future matings for the consignments based on pedigree, conformation and genetic information.
    Burton-Fellers Sales provided excellent care for those in attendance in the form of snacks ahead of the sale and a fantastic buffet meal afterwards. Serving on the staff were Dallas Burton, Ed Fellers, Gary Estes, auctioneer, Steve Berland, Scott Culbertson, Bobby Griggs, Les Terpstra, Paul Trapp, Larry Kleiner, and Uwe Riebensahm.
    The setting on Tablerock Lake in the Ozarks Mountains is indeed awe-inspiring, but no more so than the unique and elite genetics that are offered for the appraisal of buyers. The term “Limited” refers to the relatively small number of lots offered that showcase the limitless potential of an investment in each has. The care taken in the selection of consignments that will provide a good return on investment was appreciated again this year as buyers from 10 states and two Canadian provinces made purchases.

March 7 – Giltex Stampede II Sale
A large crowd on hand was on hand to enjoy the superb hospitality and beautiful weather at the Giltex Stampede II Sale held Saturday, March 7th in Turlock, CA. The cattle also lived up to the high expectations as 111 lots averaged $5,644 at the end of the day with buyers from California, Canada, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Iowa, Mexico, Wisconsin, Kansas and Minnesota.
   High seller: $32,500 Savage-Leigh PS Lona-ET, the April ’08 Shottle from Allen Leona X Licorice (3 gens. All-American nominees and contract cows). The first public offering from Leona, she sold with 2 embryos contracts totaling over $13,000. Consigned by Chip Savage, Knoxville, MD and purchased by Joseph Borba, Hilmar, CA
   2nd high: $26,500 BVK Mac Adra-ET an impressive May ’08 Mac from Chief Adeen. Consigned by Butler & Kingstead, Damascus, MD, purchased by Chris & Leo Durrer and Frank and Diane Borba, Modesto, CA
   3rd high: $20,500 First choice Alexander from Regancrest G BeDazzle VG-87. She’s the Goldwyn from Barbie and she ranks as #10 PTAT Cow of the Breed with her 5 maternal sisters occupying the top 5 spots on the PTAT list. Consigned by Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc., Newton, WI and purchased by Glaz-Way and Gil-Tex, Oakdale, CA.
   4th high: $14,100 Regancrest Mac Irlanda-ET. Oct ’07 Mac from Regancrest Gold Iresha-ET VG-86 who has 5 sons contracted and completes 12 generations EX or VG. Consignor Regancrest Farm, Waukon, IA retained an interest in the heifer with Uwe Riebensahm.
   The sale was hosted by the Gilbert Teixeira family and managed by Rick & Paula Bovre of the Great Northern Land & Cattle Co. of Fond du Lac, WI.
March 7 – The Pintail Point Dispersal
The large crowd that ventured to The Pintail Point Dispersal, held March 7th in Queenstown, MD, was not disappointed by the quality herd that were a tribute to owner Louis Schaefer and herd managers Doug & Joan Seidel. An unofficial average of $3,457.52 was realized. Cattle were sold to seven states and the volume buyer was Mike Garrow, who selected seven head to join his herd in Chateaugay, New York.   
   The top selling animal was struck off to Jim High & Rusty Herr of Oxford, PA. They selected Dirigo-Conant Regan-ET (EX-93 EX-MS) for $20,500. Regan is a 10/03 Silky Cousteau that freshened in October and is out of one of New England’s high profile brood cows, Brigeen-C Integrit Robin-ET (2E-95 DOM). Thus, Regan traces back to Queen of the Breed, Roxy.
    Roxy’s blood ran through the second high animal of the sale as well. A fancy 3/08 Baxter daughter commanded the price of $12,500 from Jeff Woods, Madison, WI. Pintail-Point B Rhonda is a daughter of the Goldwyn, Pintail-Point R Goldie (VG-87 2y). R Goldie’s dam is an EX Durham sister to Brigeen Skychief Roxy (EX-93). Woods also added R Goldie to his ownership for $9,000.
    Heading Mike Garrow’s list was the 3rd high animal of the day, Pintail-Point Rudy *RC (VG-86, 2y), a September Storm daughter of the high selling cow Dirago Conant Regan (EX-93). Rudy sold due 4/27 to Advent for $11,700.
    The quest for Red continued as Lee Emerson of Middletown, DE, paid $11,200 to own Greenlea SS Caress-Red-ET (VG-88, 2y EX-MS). Caress is due 4/13 to Advent for another run at an All-American R&W nomination. Her dam is the multi-award winner, Yursden Kite Caramac-Red (EX-92).
    The sale was capably managed by The Cattle Exchange.
February 20 - 26 – The Markwell International Revue-Online Edition
   The Markwell International Revue-Online Edition featuring leading genetics from Markwell Holsteins and the Raven family concluded Thursday evening with strong bidding. Top selling lot was $10,700 for first choice MAC or Shottle from Markwell Goldwyn Donela VG89 EXMS, consigned by Alphie Stolzfus of Gap, PA. This lot sold to Jennifer Hickerson, Flemingsburg, KY with Markwell Holsteins, contender. Top selling embryo was $1450/embryo from Goldwyn Donela selling to Bob Matzek, Chilliwack, BC, Canada with Hardys Holsteins, contender. Second high selling embryo lot was $1250/embryo for Million embryos from Seagull-Bay Gold Daisy VG86 VGMS, consigned by Markwell Holsteins, this lot sold to Harvest Holsteins, Tom DeWaal, Prince George, BC, Canada. Embryo lots sold to eight different foreign countries and throughout the United States.
   The Markwell International Revue-Online Edition hosted by and managed by CanAm Sales Management.
February 13 – The CTPI Sale
The CTPI Sale, held February 13th in Lebanon, PA saw brisk bidding and a large appreciative crowd as 60 lots averaged $4,510.83. There were 46 buyers that took home animals to three states and one province. Selling for top money of the event was Bucknell Shottle Sherry-ET (VG-86 VG-MS) with a GTPI +2124 and projected to 28,724M 1190F 960P. Nelson Weaver of Manheim, PA sold her ready to flush and with a solid flush history of 28 embryos in November and December flushes. Eight of her nine nearest dams are VG or EX. She was struck off to Michael Brubaker of Lebanon, PA for $18,700.
    Tom Priest of Greencastle, PA sold a Choice of Sanchez or Alaxander for $15,500 to Harlan Good & Robert Landis, Lebanon, PA for the second high seller of the event. The dam of the choice was Windy-Knoll-View M Polly-ET (VG-88,2y) with 2-02 365 34,530 3.8 1294 3.0 1046. Polly is a Regancrest-LH Modest daughter out of the numerous All-American nominee Windy-Knoll-View Pledge-ET (2E-95 DOM). Next dam is 2E-95 GMD DOM Promis and then the Burdette family's matriarch Pala 3E-94.
    The sale was co-managed by Daniel Brandt & Landis Marketing of Annville & Lancaster, PA.
February 12 – The Valentine Special Sale
The Valentine Special Sale held on February 12th in Intercourse, PA, saw encouraging and realistic prices for the cattle offered. Young milk cows were steady in the $2,000+ range and the more choice individuals rose to $3050. The high individual of the sale was Arethusa Advent Mustang-ET *RC. Due to freshen in June, this stylish individual is an Advent daughter out of Arethusa Mercedes-SS-ET (VG-88, 2y) 2-04 365 28,770 4.4 1260 3.1 901. Mercedes is a full sister to Arethusa SS Melody (EX-91). Their dam is the 3X All-American Hillcroft Leader Melanie, the 2004 Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo. She was consigned by Arethusa Farm of Litchfield, CT and purchased by James Hoffman of Tumbling Run Holsteins of Tamaqua, PA for $7,600.
    Two individuals tied for 2nd high of the sale at $4,200. The consignment of Edgar King of Schuylerville, NY was a 6/07 Jenny-Lou Marshal with a PTPI of +1705. Her dam is King-Ransom Stmtc Lilly-ET (EX-92) 4-04 365 41,890 4.0 1669 3.2 1331. The 2nd dam is EX-92 GMD DOM and then VG-85 GMD and VG-88. She became the property of Corwin Holtz of Dryden, NY. The other individual bringing $4,200 was Quality Fame Fanci, a bred heifer by Quality Sky Fame, and out of Quality Leduc Fancy (2E-90 CAN) 6-04 365 27,291 3.4 935 3.3 891. Her 2nd through 4th dams are EX and the 5th dam is Plushanski Chief Faith (4E-94). She was offered by Friensship Partners, Strasburg, PA and purchased by Dennis Meyers of Glenrock, PA. The sale was co-managed by Stonehurst Farm, Inc and The Cattle Exchange.
February 6 - 12 – The Nomination Celebration Sale
The Nomination Celebration Sale was held online Feb 6-12 and was co-managed by AMS Genetics and CanAm Sale Management. The sale featured embryos and choices from past and present All-American/All-Canadian nominees or family members. Lots were sold throughout the US as well as Canada, England, Australia, Switerland and Spain. Topping the sale was 1st choice Shottle female from Maple-Downs-I Goldwyn Ava (Goldwyn x Durham Atlee) at $17,500. John Hunyady of Canada purchased this consignment from Brian Polikowsky and David Clayton of MN. Andy Carter, IL paid $6,700 for 1st choice MAS from Regancrest G Brandis-ET, a Goldwyn grand-daughter of Barbie. This lot was consigned by Red Carpet Holsteins c/o Jonathan Heinsohn, IL. The top selling embryos at $3,400/each from Windy-Knoll-View Pledge (EX-95) and were sold to Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY and were consigned by Windy-Knoll-View Farms.
January 28 – The California Convention ET Choice and Embryo Sale
The California Convention ET Choice and Embryo Sale was held on January 28, in conjunction with the California State Holstein Convention in Reno, Nevada. The sale averaged $2,747 on 19 ET Choices. In addition, 21 embryo lots averaged $1,530 per lot or $331 per embryo.
    Overall, the 97 embryos that were sold grossed $32,125. Jim Wilson of Hanford, CA, purchased the first and second highest selling embryos of the sale. At $600 each, the embryos of Ocean-View Ito Jewel x Alexander received the embryo sale’s highest bid. The second highest selling embryos went for $575 each, from the All-American nominated Hol-Star Durham Cora x Million.
    The 19 ET Choice lots grossed $52,200. Patrick Amarante of Lazy-A Holsteins Gustine, CA, cast the sale topping bid of $4,300 for a 1st choice Pronto from an Excellent Roy daughter of Amlaird Lee Amber-ET (EX-91). The highest selling lot was consigned by Hank & Carolyn Van Exel. Second high seller is a choice of three Goldwyns from Tollenaars Ruero Athena-ET (EX-93). The lot was sold over the phone to a winning bidder in Iowa for $4,200.
January 19 – Southwest Regional Holstein Show
Southwest Regional Holstein Show
Jan. 19 - Fort Worth, TX
Judge - Ronnie Rider
Total shown - 71
Junior Champion: Hiljohn Dundee Bling Bling (Regancrest Dundee), 1st Jr. 2-year-old, Joe & Debra Brand, Dalhart, TX
Res. Junior Champion: Stookeyholm Tootsie-Pop (Nise-N-Fancy Scotty), 2nd Jr. 2-year-old, Mallarie & Jordan Stookey, Milford, IN
Senior & Grand Champion: Tex-Stein Mozer Jenicis (Lutz-Meadows MB Mozer), 1st 4-year-old, Gage Steinberger, Windthorst, TX
Res. Senior Champion: Regancrest BH Dur Faith-ET (Regancrest Elton Durham), 1st 5-year-old, Joseph Osinga, Hico, TX
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Robert E. Steinberger, Windthorst, TX
January 16 – PA Farm Show Holstein Show
PA Farm Show Holstein Show
Jan. 16 - Harrisburg, PA
Judge - Dr. Christopher Connelly, Bellefonte, PA
Total shown - 129
Junior Champion: Budjon-Dannys Gold Atlas (Braedale Goldwyn), 1st winter calf, Spencer Weimer, Solid Gold Cattle Company, Emlenton, PA
Res. Junior Champion: Sonnylee Dun Rockstar (Regancrest Dundee), 1st summer yearling, Joel Bomgardner, Sonnylee Holsteins, Lebanon, PA
Senior & Grand Champion: Keystone Lee Lavender (Comestar Lee), 1st aged cow, Bryant & Holly Hlavaty, Stone Mill, Manheim, PA
Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion: Spungold Aspen Jenny (EK-Oseeana Aspen), 1st 5-year-old, Dale & Deanna Bendig, Spungold Holsteins, Gettysburg, PA
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Leroy, Brenda, Brad & Charlene Walker, Walk-Le Holsteins, Thomasville, PA
January 16 – PA Farm Show Red & White Holstein Show
PA Farm Show Red & White Holstein Show
Jan. 16 - Harrisburg, PA
Judge - Dave Parkinson, Canal Winchester, OH
Total shown - 32
Junior Champion: Ms Mg Adv Ready Red-ET (KHW Kite Advent-Red), 1st summer yearling, Dr. Heidi Baitis, Reich-Dale Farm, Chambersburg, PA
Res. Junior Champion: Ken-Joda Arudolf Tiana-Red (Kamps-Hollow Arudolf-Red), 1st winter calf, Courtnee Rank, Ken-Joda Farm, Lebanon, PA
Senior & Grand Champion: Spungold-MVU Lakeside-Red (Roesbett Lakeside-Red-ET), 1st 4-year-old, Dale & Deanna Bendig, Spungold Holsteins, Gettysburg, PA
Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion: Windsor-Manor Raven-Red-ET (Ladino Park Talent), 1st Jr. 3-year-old, Aaron Cornman, Justa Beauty Farm, Boiling Springs, PA
Premier Breeder: Dar-Dale Farm, Aaron Doll, Glen Rock, PA
Premier Exhibitor: Northern Lebanon FFA, c/o Katie Donmoyer, Annville, PA
January 15 – The New York Convention ET Sale
The New York Convention ET Sale, held January 15th, was the exact opposite of the sub-zero temperatures outside. Inside the Radisson Hotel in Corning, prices were hot and yielded a $6,564 average on 35 full lots. Topping the sale was Lot #45, a first choice female sired by Golden-Oaks St Alexander-TE and from Ste-Pen Shottle Winemall-ET (VG-88) with a CTPI of +2414. Unofficially the fourth highest CTPI cow in the breed, Winemall has new PTAs of +2835M +117F +93P +840NM$ +4.03T and +3.6PL. Winemall is from the same family as Sanchez. Consigned by Vail, Holmes & Bishop of Delhi, NY, the choice was purchased for $22,000 by Don Hosking of Hobart, NY. The second high seller at $15,000 was Lot #7, a first choice England-Ammon Million from Coyne-Farms Shottle Yup-ET (VG-87). Yup, featured in the January issue of Holstein World, has new numbers of PTA +2179M +110F +78P +4.8PL +796NM$ and +2248GTPI. The choice was consigned by Coyne Farms of Avon, NY, and purchased by Jason Menne, West Union, IA. The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange, with Dave & Merry Rama at the helm, joined by Horace Backus, Patsy Gifford, Tom Harkenrider, Ray LeBlanc, Mike McCaffrey, Rick Verbeek, Corey Wolff, Jason Pullis and Amber Newman.
January 8 - 18 – 27th Annual Holiday ET Extravaganza Sale
The 27th Annual Holiday ET Extravaganza Sale cruised to an unofficial average in of $10,414.29. Setting the high water mark was 1st Choice female of 11 Million females from Regancrest Brasilia-ET (VG-88, 2y EX-MS), the consignment from Butz-Hill & Jeff Butler Springfield, IL. She was purchased for $30,000 by the partnership of Matt Kimball, Mike Fredd and Dempsey Farms, Ridgley, MD. Brasilia, the #4 PTAT cow in the breed, is a Shottle out of the well known Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET (EX-92 EX-MS GMD DOM). Barbie is the dam of 19 VG 2-Yr-Old daughters and was HM All-American Jr-3-Yr-Old 2004.
    A 2nd choice offering from Brasilia brought an additional $25,000 to the consignors and was also purchased by Matt Kimball, Mike Fredd and Dempsey Farms. This offering was a choice of (3) 9/09 Goldwyns. Tying the $25,000 bid was Farnear-TBR Bailey (VG-87, 2y) CTPI +2008. She sold open and ready to flush to Diamond Genetics of Holland and was consigned by Castleburg Bros. Mondovi, WI. Bailey is a Shottle daughter out of Palmcrest Blackcap-ET (EX-90 EX-MS) an EX Champion daughter. Next dam is Regancrest-RH Durham Bliss-ET Nominated Jr. All-American Jr. 2-Yr-Old `02 and a full sister to Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET (EX-92 GMD DOM).
    The sale was managed by Burton-Fellers Sales.
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