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Lot 63 NY Holstein Harvest Sale
Ammon Farms Delta M-lly-ET 2586GTPI DOB 4/22/15
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October Classification highlights

From the Martha Sheens

Ammon-Peachey Massey Mural VG 85 87 MS @ 2-5 +2349
Massey x GP 83 Bookem x Shottle Martha Sheen

Her +2586 Delta sells in the NY Harvest Sale! She is cut right!
Ammon-Peachey Sudan Mikki-ET EX MS @ 3-8 +2297
Sudan x VG Super x Shottle Martha Sheen
Ammon-Peachey Digger Shelly EX MS @ 4-0
Digger x Shottle Martha Sheen
Ammon Farms Epic Majic EX MS
Epic x Shottle Martha Sheen

From the DeeDee family
Ammon Farms Headliner Danelion-ET VG 85 +2482
Headliner x Freddie x VF Ramos x EX Orion DeeDee
Ammon Farms Iota Darling-ET VG 88 91 MS @ 3-10 +2316
Iota x EX Baxter x EX Orion DeeDee
Ammon Farms Osmond Debbie EX 90 @ 4-1
Osmond x EX Baxter x VG Jet Stream
Interesting daughters by Casual and Halogen

From the Mandylouise family
Ammon Farms Million Mandyliz EX 91 2E
Million x 2E 93 Airliner Mandylouise

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VG-87, EX-MS
GTPI +2342
1378 M  39 F  28 P  2.69 SCS  5.7 PL  1.1 DPR
2.00 Type  1.71 UDC  1.39 FLC
2-4 365 33,462 4.2 1401 3.0 1002

Massey Becky +2491 pregs by Heisenberg and Modesty. Bred to Lylas
Tatum Britlyn +2481 transfers by Expresso. Still flushing
Montross Blake +2572- transfers by Avenger. Still flushing.
Montross, Eraser and Yoder calves just born.
Barbara has many calves over +2550
Younger calves by Rubicon, Silver, Muscadet and Delta
Calves due soon by Dozer, Gun, Rubicon, Derwood, Doorsopen and Damaris.
Dam of the popular Bombero bull at Semex
Her Uno son Bombero +2519 is at Semex
Her Baxter dam is 92

Super x EX-90, EX-MS Baxter x Richmond-FD M-Str Gabrielle 2E-91 (by Garrison)
Owned with Barry & Diane England

Polled Excitement!

Hickorymea Odd PP (GP-82, 83-MS @ 2y)

+1718 GTPI
She is Homozygous Polled and making a great record:
2-4 365D 31940 3.7F 1190 3.2 1010 P

Due in Dec to Bombero
Calves by Eraser
Son Lead PP at Select will soon be available

Homogygous Parker son at Select
Grafetti Odyseey +2129- flushing- transfers by Zumba
Parker Oreo +2040- bred to Socrates P

Ammon Farms Observer Roxy (VG-86, 87-MS @ 2y)
Observer x VG Jeeves x 7 generations EX back to the great Roxy EX-97
2-4 365 D 28469 4.0 F 1191 3.1P 9131 236 RIP

Roxy's Polled Relief Daughter:

Relief Royal P +2139 GTPI
The Most Influential Cow we have ever worked with!
Shottle x O Man VG 86 DOM x Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy 92 3E GMD DOM x Elton EX 90 GMD DOM x Next 2 dams VG

Owned with G. Sheldon Peachey of Belleville, PA

1-11 365 31,210 4.2 1305 3.1 968
8/13 GTPI +2026 PTA +2.78T


Dam: Pine-Tree Missy Martha-ET (VG-86 DOM)
2nd Dam: Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET (EX-92)

-Massey Mattie +2342 66 P born 6/13
-Massey Matalin +2174 born 6/13
-Massey Matina +2208 born 6/13
-Predestine Medal +2285 born 8/13

Dorcy Model is 87

Martha Sheen's Daughters:
12/14 GTPI +1806
1-11 2x 365 29,060 4.3 1260 3.2 918
Her daughter, Mogul Mora, unfortunalty lost to injury
Mora’s calves
Chevy Malibu +2435 pregs by Bayonet. Bred to Tesla
Bombero Molly +2530 transfers and embryos by Duke
She combines Barbara and Martha Sheen!


Million x Martha Sheen VG-86 VG-MS DOM
1-11 365 31,210 4.2 1305 3.1 968
GP-83, VG-MS
12/14 GTPI +2328
2-0 248 20,622 3.4 708 3.0 618 RIP

-Massey Mural +2349 VG 85 87 MS milking well!
Her daughter Delta M-Ily + 2586 sells in the NY Harvest Sale
Other daughters by Delta, Muscadet and Spring


Bookem x Martha Sheen VG-86 VG-MS DOM
1-11 365 31,210 4.2 1305 3.1 968
12/14 GTPI +2186
2-2 365 33,425 4.5 1507 3.1 1036

One of our best genomic transmitters!
Galaxy Mars +2473 due in January to Gun. Calves and pregs by Alco, Muscadet, Jedi, Chevralair and Profit Mode +2393 bred to Jedi
Casual Mode +2456


Dorcy x Martha Sheen VG-86 VG-MS DOM
1-11 365 31,210 4.2 1305 3.1 968

GTPI +2225
2-3 140 10,300 5.0 510 3.0 307
Owned by Benner Holsteins Ltd.

Sudan Mikki EX MS fresh 2nd time with Spark bull. Looks great milking over 120 lbs
2-2 192 D 18739 3.7 688 2.9 543 RIP
Numerous offspring including Tango Mikela +2418 pregs by Bayonet, Hangtime and Heisenberg. Bred to Bayonet. Mikela is a sensational heifer with no Mogul, Robust or Planet in her pedigree.
Oak Marci +2280 due in December to Kobra Calves by Mascol.
Pregs by Wickam and Spring

Super x Martha Sheen VG-86 VG-MS DOM
1-11 365 31,210 4.2 1305 3.1 968
EX-94 2E 95-MS
Storm x Emory EX 92 x Factor VG 87 x Symbol VG 85

3-08 365 32,676 3.7 1227 2.7 888
7-02 365 33,810 4.1 1393 2.9 983

1st 4-Yr-Old & Res. Grand Champion
Central PA Championship Show `05
1st Aged Cow & Res. Grand Champion PA Farm Show `07
1st Aged Cow Sr. & Grand Champion PA Holstein Spring Show `07

- Mac GP-83, VG-MS @ 2-4 due in Dec to Caliber

Atwood granddaughter:
Ammon-Farms Atwood Tally
Owned by Ben Rhodes, Lewistown, PA

Dam: Spruce-Edge Emory Tracy (EX-92)
2nd Dam: Spruce-Edge Factor Trina (VG-87)

Maternal sister to Tansy:
Spruce-Edge Durham Tressy EX-90 EX-MS

EX-94 95 MS
Outside x Storm Tansy 2E-94

7-04 2x 365d 56,600 4.1 2305 3.1 1764
5-00 3x 365d 55,180 4.1 2263 2.9 1619
3-10 2x 305d 31,830 4.2 1340 3.2 1025
2-03 2x 305d 23,440 4.1 971 3.2 742
Listed #23 on Holstein World's High Producing Cows list!


Dam of Talented at Semex

Owned by Siemers Holsteins

Outside x Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy 92 3E GMD DOM x Elton EX 90 GMD DOM x Next 2 dams VG

2-03 365 31,439 4.3 1368 3.1 988
4-02 365 33,710 4.2 1407 3.1 1059

4/12 GTPI +1750


Dam: Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET (EX-92)
2nd Dam: Wesswood Elton Mimi (EX-90)

- Boliver Mia VG-88
- Sudan Marley +2273 fresh and milking well- interesting outcross pedigree
- Super Maiya VG-85, 2yr 2083 GTPI
- Rodgers Marie +2483
- Rodgers Marla +2358


ZBW-JD Lithium Winola-ET
Lithium x Ste-Pen Baxter Winona-ET VG-87 DOM x 8 VG or EX dams
Bred to Spark
Thanks to Dr. Barry England for buying her calf Pety Winsome +2435 in the NY Holstein Harvest Sale

Spruce-Haven SPR BS12005-ET

VG-85, VG-MS
GTPI +2175
Super x Jet Stream x Outside Bojangl family
Watch for her Polled Relief son Brian P +2222 at Genex!
Due in February to Jacey

The Ammon family farming tradition began five generations ago when Mike's great, great grandfather purchased the original farm along the Juniata River in central Pennsylvania. The historic Three Locks which were part of the Pennsylvania Canal can still be seen on this farm. By the mid-1940's Mike's grandparents purchased an adjoining farm. In the early1960's, Bill and his parents started buying registerd Holsteins and eventually replaced their mixed herd completely. In 2004, Mike married Jill Harnish and she arrived with cows and heifers from her family's Spruce-Edge herd. Both Ammon Farms Orion Dee Dee and Spruce-Edge Jur Ford Bailey trace back to the original Holsteins Mike and Jill's fathers purchased when they switched from colored breeds to Holsteins.

Today at Ammon Farms we milk 90 cows which are housed in freestalls. An aggressive cow with good functional type who breeds back easily does particuarly well in our operation, as we don't give a lot of special attention. Accordingly, our breeding program consists of mainly high TPI sires with good health traits and functional type with an occasional extreme type mating. Our herd is fed a TMR of corn silage, haylage, dry hay, cottonseed and grain. We have 325 acres total with 180 acres tillable, 100 acres of woodland and the remainder in pasture. We grow corn and alfalfa.

We are very grateful for the land and cattle the Lord has given us. Our desire is to be good stewards of these blessings. We are privileged that our work is something we enjoy so much. You are welcome to visit anytime.


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