Tim, Leah & Claire Ziemba
Herd at Hurtgenlea
1397 Hillside Rd
Cambridge, WI 53523
Barbara Ziemba
11472 Southard Rd
Cato, NY 13033
Introducing "Kicker"
Prestige-Gen A S Kicker (VG-89)

4th Jr. 3yr old Midwest Spring National 2016
1st Jr 2-yr-old WI District 6 Show 2015
Dam: BVK Atwood Alex (VG-89)
2D: Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen (2E-94)
Queen of the Breed II finalist
2X Nominated All-American
Full Sister to Shoremar Alicia (3E-97)
3D: C Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada (2E-94 DOM)
All-American Sr 3-Yr-Old 1990
Res All-Time All-American Sr 3-Yr-Old

Made 8# Solomon embryos in June, will be flushed in July to Jacoby.
She is owned by Tim & Leah Ziemba, Barbara Ziemba and Jeff Cole,
and is housed currently at Sunshine Genetics.

Reds With Big Pedigrees


Reserve All-American R&W Fall Yearling '13
10th Sr 3. yr old International R&W Show '15
Dam of Golden-Oaks All That As: 1st Summer yr and Res Jr Champion MidWest Spring R&W show '16, (2nd B&W)
Fresh in early July and is ready for the summer and fall shows, and will start on a flush program this fall.

Sire: Advent-Red
Dam: Yursden Kite Caramac-Red EX-92

All-American R&W Jr 2yr old 04
All-American R&W 4yr old '06 (Grand Champion WDE R&W)
2D: Yursden TT Cander-Red VG-87
Owned by: Violet-Hill, Ziems, Steven Nelson and Dylan Reed

Reserve Grand Champion NY State Fair R&W show '15
11th 4yr old International R&W show '15
Mimosa has 3 female Doorman pregnancies due in September

Sire: Absolute-Red
Dam: Miss Mariposa-Red VG-88 (2yr old)
2nd Sr. 2yr old NYSF R&W '09
2D: Lylehaven Rubens Maia-ET VG-88 (2yr old)
Mat sis to Durham Marriette EX-93 (AA Sr 2yr old)
3D: Lylehaven Sky Mickee Ex-92
4D Lylehaven Star Maya Ex-92
5D: G-Metcalf Valiant Mist 3E-94
6D: Mighty-Fine Matt Misty 2E-96
7D: Murco Mike Mitt 3E-93

Owned by: Violet-Hill, Ziems and Tri-Day

High Scoring Homebred Cows
(96 in FE Capacity & DS)

2nd Aged cow WI District 6 show '16
Muddy was part of the 1st place Dam & Daughter at the Midwest Spring National 2014

Embryos by: Atwood, Reginald, Doorman and Archrival

Daughters by: Reginald (Monet VG-88 3rd Jr 2 Midwest Spring Nat '13), fancy Fall calf by Doorman, very nice December Brady calf and Muddy calved in May with a fantastic Diamondback calf.

Now housed at Sunshine Genetics and looks to improve in score and add to her embryo inventory. Dam: Ziems-LKH Outside Ms Mudd 3E-94
2D: East-Cupcake Muddy Water 4E-95
4X All-NY Winner
1st Jr. 3-year-old, Eastern Spring National 1996
1st 4-year-old, Eastern Spring National 1997
2nd 125,000 lb. cow, Eastern Spring National 2002

Selling at Celebrate Summer sale 5#1 Reginald embryos and 5#1 Solomon embryos

2nd 5-yr-old WI District 6 show 2015
Dam: Ziems Stormatic Laffy Taffy (EX-91)
2D: Ziems Dante Looney Tune (3E-94)

Lucy is fresh in May with a Golden Dreams heifer, and is now housed at Smithcrest holsteins. She will be scored in late August and has a Jacoby female due in September

Ebony from Elegance

Goldwyn From the Ravenswell Lydia's

Fresh in March and ready to flush, she is one of our most consistent brood cows and has daughters by Atwood, Dempsey, Brady and embryos by Doorman, Brady and Atwood

Dam: Budjon-JK Gibson Enchant 3E-92
2D: Krull Broker Elegance 3E-96

Ebony has a very fancy March '16 calf selling in the Celebrate Summer sale

VG-85 @2yrs old
Born: 12/1/12
Full Sister: Lookout Goldwyn Lalia VG-87 Can
Nominated All-American & All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2013
3rd Sr. 2-year-old NY Spring Show 2014

Due in October
Lala has a very nice Sid Spring yearling selling in the Celebrate Summer sale
Has a fancy Gauco winter yearling due in December with a Beemer heifer
Pregnacies by Jacoby and Glauco

Has Daughters by Glauco (12/14) and Sid (3/15)
Owned by Violet-Hill

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Idee Shottle Lalia EX-95

HM All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2009
5th 5-yr-old Mid West Spring National 2013
2nd WI for Fat production 2013
Holstein USA Star of the Breed 2014
2D: Idee Durham Lalika-ET VG-88
3D: Idee Leduc Lydie EX-91
4D: Ravenswell Lydia EX-92

DOORMAN with complete package

Our Pretty RED RUBY

GP-84 scored 20 days in milk, rescored in August
has a 8/15 Octoberfest daughter @ +2536 GTPI +59P and will be IVF flushed in August

Fallout has 5 females and 3 males by Octoberfest due in August and September, and is due in October to sexed Rubicon
Owned by Tim, Leah & Barb Ziemba

Sire: Doorman
Dam: Kings-Ransome Super Faddle-ET VG-86
2D: Kings-Ransome Shot Fiddle EX-91
3D: OCD Durham Frolic VG-88
4D: OCEC Leader Filly EX-92
5D: Stewarthaven TT Fallen EX-94

Made over 35,000 lbs. milk
3rd 5-yr-old District 6 Show
1st Sr. 3-yr-old & Res. Grand Champion, NY State Fair R&W 2011

Has 2 fancy Awesome-Red late December calves, Regal-Red sells in the Celebrate Summer Sale
Embryos by Defiant and Golden Dreams
Ruby is now housed at Robthom holsteins and is ready to flush
Owned by: Tim and Leah Ziemba & Barbara Ziemba

Her Maternal Sisters:
-Windsor-Manor Romanc EX-93 - Res. AA R&W Sr. 2 2009
-Windsor-Manor Radiant - 1st Sr. 2 NY Spring R&W Show 2012

Sire: SS Duece
Dam: Windsor-Manor Rubn Ruby 3E-94

1st Jr. 3-year-old, Eastern National R&W Show 2003
Dam of 10 EX and 5 Nominated All-American R&W's

The Next Generation


1st unfresh 2yr old Midwest Spring National '16
2nd Jr 2yr old WI District 6 show '16 (14 days fresh)

Fresh in June with a Diamondback Heifer
Mat sis by Atwood: Harmony 3rd Fall yr WI district 6 '16 due in September with Beemer heifer

Sire: Gold Chip
Dam: St. Hacobs Sanchez Hava VG-86 (2yr old)
9th Sr 2yr old Midwest Spring Nat and WI Championship show '12
2D: Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92
All-American Sr 2yr old, Res AA 4yr old
Housed at Smithcrest

5th Fall yr Midwest Spring National '16
Due in December with a Beemer heifer

Dam: Ziems-EF Dundee Ebony EX-92
2D: Budjon-JK Gibson Enchant 3E-92
3D: Krull Broker Elegance 3E-96


Tim & Leah Ziemba
1397 Hillside Rd
Cambridge, WI 53523
Farm: N6650 Hodunk Rd.
Violet Hill started in 2006, when Tim and Leah bought a farm in Walworth, New York, near Rochester. In 2011, Leah and Tim moved to Wisconsin and brought 50 head of cattle to Leah’s family's farm, Hurtgenlea Holsteins in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The animals moved to Wisconsin were bought by Tim and Leah from Tim’s family or were bred and owned by Tim. Because the animals carried the Ziems prefix, we have decided to carry on this prefix into another generation. Tim now works with Hurtgenlea (Leo, Karen and Adam Hurtgen) and Leah is an attorney at Michael Best and Friedrich LLP where she specializes in agribusiness and environmental law. If you are in southeastern Wisconsin, stop by Hurtgenlea Holsteins to see both the Ziems and Hurtgenlea animals! We are minutes from the Walworth County Fairgrounds and always welcome visitors.

Barbara Ziemba
11472 Southard Rd
Cato, NY 13033
Ziems Holsteins was formed in 2006 as a continuation of Ziems Farms after the late Steve Ziemba and wife Barbara sold their farm in Weedsport, NY and entered, "retirement." They sold a majority of their cattle to son, Tim, and daughter-in-law, Leah. A farmette was purchased nearby for Steve and Barb to care for the offspring of a few cows they retained ownership of, such as Budjon-JK Gibson Enchant (Gibson x Elegance), and BKB Leduc Audrey (Leduc x Alicia). Steve and Barb also bought a few red additions to their herd, including members of the Roxy and Rubens Ruby families. Steve's final purchase was a pick from what he thought was one of the most exciting two year olds he had seen, Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah. Though he never got to see St-Jacob Sanchez Hava, she is what we think he had envisioned and is now owned by the entire Ziemba family.

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