Pedigree Power II Sale

Thursday, November 14, 2013
at Seagull-Bay Dairy, American Falls, ID
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Selling from Triple Crown Genetics in the Pedigree Power II Sale!

+2466 GTPI – she sells!

Ms Dreary Delorean-ET
Born: 9/29/2012

GTPI +2466 PTA +637M +75F +31P 73R 8/13
PTA +847NM +.19%F +.04%P
PTA +7.9PL 2.64SCS +2.2DPR 5.9%DCE
PTA +3.37T +3.46UDC +2.03FLC 72R 8/13

This Numero Uno daughter of Ronelee Boliver Dreary-ET VG-86 sells ready to flush or IVF! Next dam is EX-91 Outside Dabble, then four more EX dams!

Also selling is her 6/12 Epic maternal sister at +2238 GTPI!

+2371 GTPI *RC Supersire sells!

TCG-KM Desire Rae-Red-ET
Very Good-87 VG-MS @ 2-06

Out of a VG-88 Goldwyn, Desire Rae’s 2nd dam is Scientific Debutante Rae-ET EX-92, All-American 4-Year-Old 2005! Selling from Desire Rae is her 3/13 *RC Supersire daughter:

Triplecrown Ssire Desire-ET
GTPI +2371 PTA +1610M +72F +60P 70R 8/13
PTA +772NM +.05%F +.04%P
PTA +5.2PL 2.80SCS +1.2DPR 4.6%DCE
PTA +2.62T +2.32UDC +1.62FLC 69R 8/13

Carmebbie sells!

Very Good-86 VVVVV @ 2-05

GTPI +2096 PTA +537M +48F +27P 78R 8/13
PTA +3.13T +2.99UDC +2.15FLC +2.9PL

An AltaMeteor out of Ralma Goldwyn Carmel-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM, Carmebbie is from the powerful Juror Faith family! She sells along with her 12/12 Mogul daughter:

Ms Triplecrown Mogul 455-ET

GTPI +2243 PTA +1105M 5+65F +39P 70R 8/13
PTA +646NM +.09%F +.02%P
PTA +4.1PL 2.81SCS +.3DPR 5.2%DCE
PTA +2.95T +3.04UDC +2.51FLC 71R 8/13

Cache sells!

Larcrest Cache-ET
Very Good-86 VG-MS @ 2-06

GTPI +2264 PTA +1164M +61F +45P 71R 8/13
PTA +733NM +.07%F +.4%P
PTA +5.9PL 2.73SCS +2.9DPR 5.1%DCE
PTA +1.88T +1.17UDC +1.78FLC 72R 8/13

The Freddie daughter of Larcrest Chenoa VG-87, who is a Planet from Larcrest Crimson EX-91 2E! The Cosmopolitan family at it’s finest – Cache is a full sister to the popular mating sire Vekis Chevrolet! Fresh in July, Cache sells ready to flush or IVF!

Kramer X Chenoa – she sells!

Born: 12/3/2011

GTPI +2260 PTA +1452M +74F +50P 71R 8/13
PTA +693NM +.08%F +.02%P
PTA +2.70T +2.47UDC +1.09FLC 71R 8/13

A Kramer maternal sister to Vekis Chevrolet! Camdi sells along with a buyer’s choice of her three 8/13 Shan daughters – numbers coming in November – another potential home run from the Cosmopolitans!

12/12 *RC Headliner sells!


2-00 3x 365d 30,380 4.1 1231 3.6 1098
Intermediate Champion, Western Spring National Show 2013
Reserve Grand Champion, All-Utah Holstein Show 2013

Asterix is a Goldwyn out of Ms Talent Applicious-Red EX-91, then EX-95 Apple herself!
Selling from Asterix is:

Ms Headliner Adair-ET *RC

Born: 12/1/2012
GTPI +2012 PTA +422M +53F +33P 70R 8/13
PTA +2.83T +2.48UDC +1378FLC +3.0PL

Two Supersires sell!

Very Good-87 VEVVV @ 2-05

2-00 3x 365d 31,450 4.2 131 3.4 1059

A full sister to Asterix, above, Adorable is another beautiful Goldwyn from the Apple line!
Selling from Adorable are:

Triplecrown SS Abbey-ET

Born: 12/1/2012
GTPI +2192 PTA +1565M +67F +60P 70R 8/13
PTA +3.31T +2.59UDC +2.13FLC 2.9PL

Triplecrown SS Ambitious-ET

Born: 1/8/2013
GTPI +2049 PTA +1247M +55F +49P 70R 8/13
PTA +2.70T +2.31UDC +1.83FLC +2.2PL

*PC *RC Effect sells!

Excellent-92 EEEEE @ 4-04

2-00 2x 365d 37,310 3.5 1300 3.0 1117
GTPI +2017 PTA +1493M +48F +25P +3.12T 8/13

2nd 4-Year-Old, Western Spring National Show 2013

From the prolific Minnow family, Shottle Minnow performs in the show ring and in the milk line!
Selling from Minnow:

Triplecrown Effect Mona-ET *PC *RC

Born: May 14, 2013
GTPI +2138 PTA +1005M +43F +17P +2.69T 8/13

A fancy Effect heifer from Minnow, Mona is polled and a red carrier!

Choice from Mirror sells!

Very Good-86 VG-MS DOM

GTPI +2159 PTA +742M +77F +52P +1.91T 8/13
3-00 3x 365d 36,430 4.4. 1606 3.6 1304

Mirror is from the Minnows and dam of popular AI sires Robust and Punch!
Selling from Mirror is a first choice female from 17 pregnancies:
7 Tango pregnancies due 1/22/2014
3 Predestine pregnancies due 2/5/2014
7 Mack pregnancies due 2/19/2014

Sunset sells along with her Predestine choice!

Born: 9/1/2011

GTPI +2103 PTA +1366M +54F +49P +2.29T 8/13

Sunset is a Gerard daughter of the genomic legend, Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET VG-87 DOM! Just fresh in October, Sunset looks great and should be a VG 2-year-old!
Sunset sells along with a choice of her three 9/13 Predestine daughters that will have genomic results by sale time!

Show-Winning Bradnick sells!

Born: 3/1/2013

GTPI +1893 PTA +3.81T +3.14UDC +3.05FLC 8/13

All-Idaho Spring Calf 2013
All-Intermountain Spring Calf 2013

Out of a VG-86 Goldwyn dam X VG-88 September Storm X EX-93 Durham Raven, Rim is another fancy show winner from the great Raven cow family!

Show Winning Red Raven sells!

Excellent-91 EEVEE

5-01 3x 293d 26,250 5.0 1317 2.9 754 RIP

All-Idaho 5-Year-Old 2013
All-Idaho Senior 2-Year-Old 2010
All-Idaho Winter Calf 2008

A many-time show winner, Raven is a rare red member of the highly-respected Raven family!