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VG-88 @ 2yrs
  • 2nd Jr. 2-year-old - Mid-East Summer National 2010

Sire: Zenith
Dam: Galaxy EX 90
6-02 335d 36,208M 6.6% 2398F 2.9% 1039P
7-02 271d 23,572M 5.3% 1259F 3.1% 726P RIP
Lifetime over 134,780M 7100F 3960F
Gabby has a nice Elmo Spring Yearling sister at the farm.
Owned by Lindlaur Holsteins, the L’Amoreaux Family, Louisville, OH.

  • Junior All-Ohio Winter Calf 2010

Sire: Lightning
Dam: VG-89 Astonomical
2nd Dam: Linjet Tori EX-93 2E (pictured on previous page)
Owned by Lindlaur Holsteins, the L'Amoreaux Family,
Louisville, OH

Top Acres Star Rocker ET  
Top Acres Star Rocker ET  
VG-88 @ 2 Yrs   EX 91 92-MS

Dam: Round Hill Mist Rockie  EX 92 3E
2nd Dam: VG 88
3rd Dam:  EX 91
4th Dam:  EX 92
5th Dam:  EX

Rocker is due in June to ProType!
  • 1st Junior Three-Year-Old, Production Winner and
    Intermediate Champion – 2008 NAILE
  • Nominated All-American 2008

Snickerdoodle’s ONLY nominated daughter

Sire: Starbuck
Dam: “Snickerdoodle” EX 94
  • 6x All-American

Snickers is a full sister to the very popular Starsky.  Her Wonderment Son, Shebang, is now at Semex. Snickers has a stylish Parker fall calf for 2011 at the farm!

VG-86 @ 2 Yrs

2-03 351d 23,960M 4.0% 970F 3.1% 745P

  • 4th Mid-East Spring National 2007

am:  Budjon-JK Linjet Erica VG 85
Full Sister:
  Budjon-JK Linjet Eileen  EX 96
  • All-American 5-Year-Old 2004
  • Reserve Senior Champion - 2004 World Dairy Expo

Next Dam: Krull Broker Elegance EX 96 2E GMD DOM
5-07 365d 40,953M 3.7% 1522F 3.3% 1350P
Lifetime over 183,000M

Essence's Ace Sr. 2-year-old for 2011 just scored VG-85 @

1-11 318d 25,182M 3.6% 909F 3.0% 766P
3-00 365d 30,739M 4.3% 1322F 3.1% 958P
  • 2nd Junior 2-Year-Old – ’08 Mid-East Spring Nat’l
  • All-Ohio Junior 2-Year-Old 2008

Ariel is fresh with a December 2010 Braxton heifer. Her daughter by Heatherholme Velvet was named All-Ohio Summer Yearling for 2010 and is due to Maxwell in June 2011. Ariel’s VG 86 Encino Junior Three-Year-Old daughter is on the Top 10,000 Cow List and is owned by Renee & Moss McCauley.

Ariel’s Dam:  VG Skychief – full sister to Dex at Select Sires.  She also has 5 full sisters all Very Good or Excellent.
2nd Dam:  Princess Di  EX 92 DOM
Princess Di’s pedigree speaks for itself…
VG Wade
EX 95 Jed Deborah
EX 94 Darlene
EX 95 Dellila
EX-90 Denise

Kelly’s daughter
EX-94 EX-94-MS    VG-88 @ 2Yrs

3-04 365d 36,720M 4.1% 1494F 3.1% 1143P
4-08 365d 34,550M 3.6% 1252F 3.0% 1022P

  • Nominated All-American Senior 3-Year-Old 2004
  • Res. Grand Champion - 2004 Maryland State Fair
  • Intermediate Champion - 2003 Ohio State Fair

2-01 365d 27,740M 3.7% 1022F 3.0% 831P
by Stormatic

Karma’s daughter by Sovereign is EX-91 and has a fancy winter yearling by Lightning. Both will be in the line-up at the Spring Dairy Expo in April!

Karma is now owned by Daniel Dantoin 

EX-95 2E  

EX-93 94-MS

6-11 365d 3x 44,750M 4.0% 1773F 3.4% 1516P
Lifetime: 2324d 221,540M 4.1% 8990F 3.3% 7269P
  • Grand Champion - 2003 Grand National Junior Show
  • Nominated Junior All-American Four Times and Reserve Junior All-American Two Times
  • Maternal Sister to Dam of Tanis (pictured right)

2-00 365d 24,080M 4.1% 1002F 3.4% 823P
3-08 365d 31,240M 3.0% 925F 3.3% 1021P

Her HeatherholmeVelvet Jr. 3-year-old is due in March to Maxwell!

Photo Courtesy of Jersey Journal
EX 95

5-04 365d 29,330M 5.5% 1623F 3.7% 1083P
Lifetime over 140,000M

  • Reserve Grand Champion – 2006 Ohio State Fair Jr. Show
  • Reserve Grand Champion – 2004 Ohio State Fair
  • Winner - 2001 National Jersey Jug Futurity
  • Grand Champion - 2003 Spring Dairy Expo

Elvira was lost the spring of 2009. Several more daughters to calve. Her J-Imperial Junior Three-Year-Old will be at Ohio Spring Expo.

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