3-02 365d 31,627 3.7 1183 3.0 949
4-11 365d 34,334 3.8 1307 3.0 1042
6-06 365d 38,078 3.7 1408 3.0 1160
LTD: 172,438 6482F 5268P
Durham x EX-92 Stardust (pictured below) x EX-91 Charles x 7 VG or EX dams

Pixie is on service to Atwood
In addition, Pixie's Roy daughter "Pixel" is VG-87-3Y w/ 2-11 365 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX------
We are super excited about Pixie's Shottle granddaughter "Pixlilly" who just scored VG-86 w/ EX-91-MS 2-00 352 27,828 3.7 1018 3.2 890

5-2 313d 27,508 3.6 1003 2.9 800
LTD: 140,893M 5085F 4207P

Sired by Stardust and the dam of Pixie above.
Percy's Roy daughter Pinical is now 2E-90 with 5-07 234 21,041m 3.8 792 2.9 606 inc. Due in Nov to Atwood
Pinical's Durham Poughkeepsie just scored VG-87-3y 2-05 365 30,012 3.8 1134 3.4 1015
8-10 365d 31,250 3.9 1226 3.2 993
Sired by Charles, Penny has two EX-92 daughters – Percy (pictured above), and Papaya who has a Talent bred heifer and a
VG-86-3y Splinter daughter
 5-00 303d 27,490 4.0 1105 3.0 816
Durham x GP-84 Skybuck x VG-88 Delaware x 7 VG or EX dams

Her first Outside is over 40,000 milk and her 2nd is a terrific 2-year-old milking 100 lbs.
She also has a beautiful Shottle heifer!

Robeth Holsteins was started in 1975 with the marriage of Robert and Elizabeth (pictured at left). Bob and Beth bought many registered calves at local New England sales to include with Beth's father's grade herd that they had purchased. Their sons Thomas and David were born in 1977 and 1978 and the herd was dispersed as the young family moved west to Vermont from Maine. The Bonspectra herd was purchased with Liberty Hill Farm in 1979. It from this Bonspectra herd that a young 4-year-old Minuteman daughter was developed into a star. Prene lived until one month shy of her 16th birthday, scored 4E-91 GMD DOM and produced 299,715 pounds of milk. Prene's dam was an EX Astronuat backed by two more VG cows followed by Pearl; the foundation of the Bonspectra herd. Pearl's daughters were VG and sons were used in the herd naturally. Fast-forward 45 years to 1995 when the Robeth Herd qualified for its first PBR award - an award that we have received every year since. In 2001, Bob was given the Vermont Master Breeder Award and in 2005 Robeth was Premier Breeder at the Vermont State Holstein Show. Today the BAA stands at 108% and the RHA 24,000.

4-08 365d 36,565 4.3 1560 2.9 1059
Outside x EX-92 Durham x 5 VG or EX dams

Sable is due 6/15/13 to Sanchez


We have a large selection of breeding age bulls for sale at all times - most from VG or EX dams with 30,000lb of milk! Contact us with interest!

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