The following information will help you navigate through the catalog by explaining the toolbar functions, the navigation hot keys/short-cut keys, and other usability functions.


To turn the page, click on the bottom right corner of the catalog or use the arrow buttons on the tool bar for instant page display. You can also move instantly to the first or last page using the keys with a single vertical line, next to the arrow keys.

The page you are viewing will be displayed in the white window, in the middle of the toolbar. You can also type the page you require into this page display, to move instantly.

You can also use the contents drop down menu on the right hand side of the toolbar to select the page you require.

To zoom the catalog in and out, either click in the area of the page you wish to zoom in on, or use the zoom button on the toolbar, which will automatically zoom on the center of the pages you are viewing. Then select your preferred level of zoom using the zoom scale, which will appear on the toolbar once the publication is zoomed in.

To move the page around, click and drag the catalog or use the scroll bars found at the right hand side and the bottom of the page.

If you are reading on a PC and you have a wheel on your mouse you can use this to scroll up and down.

Click on the catalog or zoom icon again to zoom out (a minus sign will appear in the icon for zooming out).


To navigate through the catalog using hot keys instead of a mouse, use the following keys:
To select items on the menu bar use the TAB key to move through the selections. A yellow box will highlight your selection. To activate the selection hit the space bar.
To turn to the next page, press the full stop key.
To turn to back to the previous page, press the comma key.
To zoom in, press 'Z' once. Press the Z key a second time to zoom out again.
You can increase or decrease the zoom level by pressing the + or - keys.
Once zoomed in, press A to scroll left.
Press D to scroll right.
Press W to scroll up.
And press S to scroll down.


There is a contextual search facility on the far right of the toolbar. Type your search word or term into the box and click the GO button to start the search. A drop down menu of results will appear under the search box. Click the page you require from the menu and you will be delivered directly to that page. Your keyword or search term will be highlighted in green.


You can add notes to the page for future reference by clicking on the note icon on the toolbar and, selecting the area you wish to annotate. Write your notes in the yellow box. Once you have finished, a yellow note icon will be pasted on the selected area. When you wish to view your notes again, simply scroll over the yellow note icon when required.


You can add bookmarks to the catalog that will allow you to return easily to specific pages. Digital Editions allow for multiple page bookmarking, using different coloured bookmarks for each page.

You can also reference each bookmark with a short description.

The bookmarks will remain on your catalog if you view the catalog from the same computer. You can also save an offline version of your catalog to your desktop, which will also save your bookmarks and referencing.


You can print the whole catalog or select pages of the catalog that you wish to print. Click the print icon in the top left of the toolbar. Then select the pages or page range that you wish to print, using the drop down menus.


This drop down menu allows you to select further options.

Downloading the offline edition - click on the option and a Zip file will be immediately download to your desktop. On Windows XP or Vista unpack or extract by right clicking and selecting “extract all”. Choose where you want to save the files (i.e your desktop). On a Mac simply double click to open the file and double click on the icon to view the edition.

Single page mode - this will take you through the publication one page at a time, as opposed to viewing double page spreads.

Auto Presentation Mode - this allows you to select the page-flip interval and then view the whole publication with automatic page turning.


This drop down menu allows you to change your personal reading experience; allowing you to select and de-select the page flip animation, the page flipping sound and also whether to show the center shadow on each page.


You can click on the contents button on the left of the toolbar to view a drop down menu of the catalog's contents. Clicking on the page you require will move you directly to that page. You can also click to view thumbnails of each page in the catalog.

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