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Canyon-Breeze S Ashling-ET
Will be scored in September!
GTPI +2377 +1183M +6.3PL

Her +2436 GTPI Kingpin daughter sells in the Idaho State Sale!
Click HERE to view her catalog page!

Supersire x Canyon-Breeze S Allyson-ET (EX-90), sister to Airlift

4 Yoders over +2500 GTPI
2 Kingpins over +2400 GTPI
Polled Eraser is +2337 GTPI

Pregnancies by Bayonet and Hang Time

Canyon-Breeze U Arlette-ET
GTPI +2188 +2.69PTAT

Uno x Canyon-Breeze S Allyson-ET (EX-90), sister to Airlift

Kingpin daughter
Pregnancies by Alco

Canyon-Breeze S Allyson-ET
3-05 3x 365d 37,680 2.8 1056 2.8 1061

Super x Canyon-Breeze Gold Adisa-ET (EX-91)

+2326 PTPI Silver heifers

Canyon-Breeze A Angelica-ET
Very Good-88
342d 3x 31,020 3.27 1014 2.73 848

Full sister to Airlift!
Atwood X EX-90 DOM Shottle X VG DOM Morty X VG-87 GMD DOM Bellwood X EX-91 2E GMD DOM Mark Abigail.

Embryos for sale by Eraser-P
Currently being flushed

Out of an EX Shottle sister to Gold Adisa (pictured above), Angelica was fresh in July. She has heifers by Lithium, Amrani and Iceberg.

Canyon-Breeze S Ashlynn
Very Good-89
262d 3x 26,250 2.9 780 2.95 848

Selling February 12 - Airosa Dairy Extravaganza Sale
Canyon-Breeze Ice Autumn-ET
May 2014 Iceberg from Ashlynn! +2254G +5.9PL +3.4DPR
Click here to see her page

A sister to Airlift!
Super x EX-90 Shottle x VG-85 Morty x VG-87 Bellwood x EX-91 Leadman x EX-91 Mark Abagail

Pregnancies by Silver and Yoder.
Heifers by Lithium and Iceberg.

Canyon-Breeze Af Arlett-ET
302d 3x 25,820 3.16 817 2.98 770

An EX-91 Aftershock daughter of Alicha (pictured below), Arlett has heifers by Armani and Colt45.
She has pregs by Airlift and Doorman and is currently being flushed. Her sister by Goldwyn just went EX-94 at Brigeen Farms!

Canyon-Breeze Mor Alicha-ET
Excellent-95 2E
5-06 3x 365d 41,350 3.5 1439 3.4 1388
Life: 1815d 170810 3.6 6173 3.4 5805
All-Utah Aged Cow 2010
Grand Champion, Utah State Fair 2008
4th generation Excellent back to Mark Abigail!

She has milking daughters by Damion (EX-92), Goldwyn (EX-91 & VG-87), Aftershock (VG-86), Jordan and Jasper and heifer calves by Gold Chip.

Canyon-Breeze Gold Adisa-ET
Excellent-91 EEVEE @ 5-01
3-05 3x 365d 34,960 3.2 1123 3.0 1063

Goldwyn X VG DOM Morty X VG-87 GMD DOM Bellwood X EX-91 2E GMD DOM Mark Abigail

Adisa has two Bradnick heifers in the Top 25 for Type in the Breed! She has heifers by Explode, Bradnick and Man-O-Shan and pregnancies by Determine and Satchel.

Canyon-Breeze B Alaisha-ET
1-11 3x 342d 20,560 4.8 977 3.8 777

Baxter X VG-86 Laudan X VG-85 DOM BW Marshall X EX-90 Storm X EX-94 3E DOM Ashley X EX-93 GMD DOM Wister X EX-91 2E GMD DOM Mark Abigail

Alaisha has a heifers by Lauthority and Punch.

Canyon-Breeze Time After
Very Good-86
279d 3x 24,080 3.42 824 3.12 751

A Klassic Big Time daughter of S Angelica (pictured above), Time After has heifers by Lexor, Day and Supersire.

Canyon-Breeze B Annastasia
Very Good-87
3-01 3x 311d 27,740 3.4 956 3.3 912

Hidden-View Best X VG-86 Convincer over 200,000M X VG-87 GMD DOM Bellwood X EX-91 2E GMD DOM Mark Abigail.

Annastasia has a heifer by Shot Glass and is currently being flushed.

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